Planned Parenthood Indictments: A Closer Look – Late Night with Seth Meyers



  • Charlie Everton 4 years ago

    it’s gif, seth. not jif.

  • whatwat wut 4 years ago

    I can’t fucking stand this douchebag. Not sure how he managed to land a
    late night show because his sad attempt at jokes are about as amusing as
    the end piece of loaf bread that nobody wants.

  • Leon Aune 4 years ago

    You’re Unique! Yelno, activity young ! 11

  • ColossalSquid 4 years ago

    GOP = Radicalized Christians

  • Omar Robledo 4 years ago

    What about the corrupt pharmaceutical companies with outrages prices that
    fund these Republicans campaigns and in general?

  • Sam A 4 years ago

    Mad respect for that final statement

  • Caoimhe Gillin 4 years ago


  • Megan Alison 4 years ago

    This was so satisfying and vindicating to watch! Keep doing what you’re
    doing, Seth.

  • VeganMikey Connelly 4 years ago

    “Heavily edited”…coming from a show that is “heavily edited”…

  • Shally D 4 years ago

    Dang, that Carly person does not know how to back down and hear what other
    people are saying. even when the truth, stuck on a frying pan, hits her in
    the face, she STILL won’t back down.

  • ZeeBlee Shariff 4 years ago

    will this take over for Jon Stewart? that outro music says yes

  • Keila Fitzpatrick 4 years ago

    YES so much yes

  • Mark yelland-brown 4 years ago

    Heavily edited…

  • Austin Tyler Rogers 4 years ago

    I love you, Seth. Also, tell Jim he owes me $50.

  • William Bradford 4 years ago

    As much as I hate Trump… I DO credit him for taking a comparatively
    non-committal opposition to PP: even suggesting there were “some good
    things about it we shouldn’t get rid of”. Though honestly, I can’t help
    thinking the only people turned off by Cruz, Fiorina or Rubio lying through
    their teeth on this weren’t gonna vote for the GOP anyway…

  • SON OF ma parents 4 years ago

    1:42 – 1:52 Criiiiiingeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Atomic Buu 4 years ago

    Jif? Really?! C’mon it has a ‘G’ in it.

  • Kat Kat 4 years ago

    Go Seth!!

  • NezihBouali 4 years ago

    It’s GIF with a hard G, dude.

  • Down Range Film 4 years ago

    Its GIF not GIF

  • Callum Brankin 4 years ago

    A Closer Look, best segment in any talk show right now

  • ravenrog 4 years ago

    CMP has ALWAYS released the full videos on YouTube.. The district attorney
    who indicted them is on the board of the PP facility who refused to recuse
    herself.. And not to mention… How can you bust the people attempting to
    buy and NOT the seller?!

  • the john ferneau show 4 years ago

    yah, our IT guy is more of lotr guy than starwars. but still. lolz.

  • T. Gregory Kelly 4 years ago

    I’m here relatively early, so let’s see how many pro-life people try to
    come along and say that these criminals are heroes.

  • Cinemaniac Jean 4 years ago

    i think regardless of religion or political view, abortion is just such an
    ugly think to do as a human, and it certainly leave emotional scars, i know
    there is rape, i know there is unplanned pregancy, but if you don`t want a
    child is your responsability to not let a life evolve inside you, how can
    someone get raped and not seek a doctor or “solution” quickly after
    if you let a child grow inside you and then decide to kill it, it is
    cruelty, i’ve seen a number of women who aborted and never had courage to
    have a child later, cause they would of course think that this is how the
    one i aborted would have been like, it’s a traumatizing act, and i’m sure,
    taking a pill to get rid of the sperm in your egg would be less traumatic
    than having a baby corpse coming out of you…
    use protection, and if you were abused, seek help, don’t just wait to see
    what will happen…
    love the show, keep it up…

  • Nathan Gill 4 years ago

    he}a. you should be proud0 duck afterthought what’s your opinion about
    that, gu}s 11

  • Melanie McCrory 4 years ago

    Did he say “Jif” as in “Gif”? smh

  • Geir Offenberg 4 years ago

    i think most ppl with 3 or more braincells understand that the charge for
    purchasing human organs was related to the fact they tried to catch on cam
    planned parenthood discussing selling them, which the managed to do. Are
    americans actually this stupid, that they just blindely accept that the
    court decides that Planned parenthis is all good in this and it was the guy
    posing as a potential buyer that was bad, lol. Well, a little more late
    night show spoon feeding you and its all forgotten i guess … the rest of
    the world is watching you, you do not impress

  • myrealityzone 4 years ago

    Seth – you and your writers rock!!! Nothing shuts up idiots like logic and
    common sense!!

  • camycamo4 4 years ago

    Republicans never pay any cost for their blatant lies. Their electorate
    just doesn’t care. They want to be told whatever it is they want to
    believe, regardless of facts or truth. This also holds true for climate
    change, trickle down economics, ‘hero’ gun myths, Obama’s place of birth,
    wacky conspiracies and on and on. R’s like to doomsday-hate preach about
    the country but what’s really hurting us is their inability to accept basic

  • vergil arma 4 years ago

    Christian terrorists from the Christian Taliban.

  • Virtual Me 4 years ago

    LOVE that final statement!!!

  • suicideking302 4 years ago

    you people have a mental fucking illness.

  • Taylor Nickels 4 years ago

    This video ended on a VERY strong note.

  • Jay Lacky 4 years ago

    Texas state law Prohibition of the Purchase and Sell of Human
    Organs…isn’t it rich that the people trying to buy the organs are
    indicted, but after viewing the videos which clearly shows the directors
    trying to sell the parts that Planned Parenthood is found not guilty and
    even richer that the fake buyers are indicted on trying to purchase HUMAN
    organs when Pro-Choice and popular media makes such an effort to make sure
    everyone believes that fetuses aren’t human yet and humans aren’t being
    murdered when fetuses are aborted? Maybe now this will give anti-abortion
    lawyers the proof they need to overturn Roe vs Wade since they were
    indicted for trying to sell human organs and doctors shouldn’t be murdering
    humans in the womb..should the law call them humans when anti-abortionist
    video a buy of them to expose reality and not human yet in Roe vs Wade?

  • Izio Shaba 4 years ago

    seth meyers is king

  • Fukdis ahoes 4 years ago

    Seth is the new John Stewart. Well done.

  • Etai Smotrich-Barr 4 years ago

    Why is Fred Armison his Bass Player?
    Wasn’t he an actor/writer? Did he have a career change??

  • UnsaltedSinner 4 years ago

    I never thought he was all that funny on SNL, but having his own show has
    apparently inspired Meyers to up his game. This is Jon Stewart’s Daily
    Show-worthy stuff.

  • Arlan Peters 4 years ago

    You are on the wrong side of both history and humanity Seth. They kill
    children and they are now harvesting their organs! Anyone who defends that
    should have a post-birth abortion performed on them.

  • thomas sease 4 years ago

    Nailed the GOP candidates to the funk’n wall

  • Tokugawa Heavy Industries 4 years ago

    Someone clarify for me. Planned Parenthood is definitely NOT trafficking in
    human organs/tissues? I hear a lot of critique for the investigators’
    methods, saying they lied and edited tape, but no explanation for what the
    truth is. Only what the lies are.

    Also, it’s Jiff, technically. Like the peanut butter.

  • Mohammad bin Hosed 4 years ago

    Be not like the hypocrites. . .

  • Justin Kuehn 4 years ago

    If you don’t like Seth then don’t watch him. Not sure why you take time out
    of your day to watch the video and hate on it.

  • Jason D 4 years ago

    GIF = graphic interchange format. Not JIF. Example: I will not buy you a
    jinny pij.

  • TheFtjz 4 years ago

    carly is doing worse than kasich and huckabee.
    she should quit

  • Miko Philo 4 years ago


  • Tanya Sharma 4 years ago

    I know this is pointless and not important but Seth Pronouncing the word
    GIF CORRECTLY was literally the best birthday present ever. It is such a
    pet peeve of mine when people mispronounce it and him pronouncing it
    correctly has made me FALL IN LOVE yay ??????

  • david davis 4 years ago

    They are a PRIVATE organization and NOT a government organization. No
    PRIVATE organization is entitled to taxpayer money.

  • Uno G 4 years ago

    Never the less several people died as a result of Fiorina’s lies.

  • PlanetEarth Trimtab 4 years ago

    Ted CRUZ is such a pathetic, shameless LIAR. Disgusting.

  • P Mur 4 years ago

    Having seen a new pre baby at 7 months breathing on her own. Less than two
    years later checking on a wonderful friend went in with building management
    found her looking asleep and room temp. I can see both sides of third
    trimester argument one I will not comment on. I can say it is sad to see
    people making a video that tries to make entertainment out of what can only
    really be defined as tough emotional issues for even strong smart confident
    thinking people to confront. The circumstances thatj bring people to having
    to make choices in this arena are accidental at best and tragic at worst.
    No place to try and make a video with no productive point.

  • Mike Cav 4 years ago

    can anyone answer me what was the original name of Planned Parenthood and
    who are the founders and what was their ideology!?

  • Mike Cav 4 years ago

    just an FYI for all you who are interested I just went to the Planned
    Parenthood site and did you know today also provide transgender hormone
    therapy! that is pretty cool so it’s in the industry of providing hormones
    to transgenders ! that is amazing to me doesn’t seem like a Planned
    Parenthood service! Does anybody know if they think its a planned parent
    service and if it should be funded!?

  • Mike Cav 4 years ago

    I got a guy here telling me that if you’re in the ghetto in the United
    States and you don’t have the federally funded 650 million dollar
    subsidized program which gets private money and makes plenty of private
    money without the federal government money he’s telling me that those who
    are poor and on welfare you get free healthcare through Obamacare can I get
    the same services! it’s a lie! and per person this federally funded
    subsidized program could take patients under the Obama Care Act programs
    which cover at least 90% of those who are using it now ie black are having
    1600 abortions per day. so if they were poor blacks on welfare than they
    already have Obamacare not to mention whites have the same health care plan
    and they pay nothing for it in most cases so why are we subsidizing another
    wasteful system will stay open they will stay open and all you have to do
    is tell them accept Obamacare and continue your services at a rate in which
    it doesn’t rip off the American people the way it’s doing now! you have 30
    or more executives that don’t have anything to do with healthcare in this
    company that make $200,000 or more not to mention benefits I think its
    269000 is the average and they have nothing to do with health care or
    helping women or men with pregnancies or family planning! so make them play
    by the same rules that the hospitals in the any other clinics have to and
    just accept Obamacare and it will cost us one fifth as much per person
    instead of subsidizing was 650 million dollars that can go to helping raise
    up the poor in the inner city with business subsidies or job training
    subsidies that could include successful people who will help them become
    successful and get out of the damn welfare system help them start out small
    businesses and show them how to finish them off and do it and save the
    money and become successful and not so damn dependent on welfare maybe that
    would save some money reinvest that 615 million dollars into helping the
    poor in the black in this country to get out of the welfare and the ghetto
    system that the Democrats by the way are responsible for because they’re
    the ones who don’t help the black and the poor get out of the hole! There
    even in control so no one could say Republicans or Democrats you just have
    to say Democrat

  • James Clarity 4 years ago

    healthcare = abortion?!

  • Gee Yu 4 years ago

    People. Are. Stupid.

  • Crabbok 4 years ago

    he called it a JIF – cmon man!

  • drumsNstuff79 4 years ago

    Go Seth! So true! I just hate how any B.S. faction can be used by a
    politician to fear monger their base into supporting their mission to
    defund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare. It’s not their right to tell woman
    what to do with their bodies, even it’s a fellow woman like Carly. If a
    woman wants to get an abortion, anyone has the right to talk her out of it
    if they can. But if they can’t, and she feels she has just reason for
    having the abortion (incest, rape) why not allow her to? I understand
    religious objection, but that’s not the government’s responsibility. It’s
    the church’s. Separation of church and state is essential for individual
    freedom! Yet they want to reverse this in the name of the Constitution? It
    makes me wonder if any republican has even fucking read it! Too many
    unanswered hypocritical ideas. Saying we need freedom does not mean denying
    it for anyone based on strict religious beliefs of your own and not of the
    multi ethnic, many religion nation we all must share.

  • michaelmisanthrope 4 years ago

    Congratulations to whomever this man is. I believe he used to be a talking
    head for WUD on SNL I will make a point of seeking out more bits of his
    wit, wisdom, or whatever he or his writers can come up with. Good show Mr.
    Seth–really good show!—Ed Sullivan

    P.S.: Sorry about the theatre. Here in the after limelight life, I have
    very little control over the really big show known as” Life on Earth.”
    However, I recently ran into a most promising young man who calls himself
    David Bowie, Together we have been contemplating the possibilities of a
    really, really big show which we would like to call “Life on Mars.” Please
    consider the possibility of a future position here with us. Thank you–E.S.


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