Phoebe Robinson Wants People to Educate Themselves on Social Justice

Published on June 3, 2020

Phoebe Robinson talks about the protests against racial police violence, the death of George Floyd and how easy it is for people to educate themselves on social justice, allyship and fighting racism.

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  • Nakita Ramzee 2 years ago

    Yes. It’s good to see that Jimmy is speaking to African American famous people, but what about just regular black people, that are not famous? Jimmy can you interviewed a regular, not famous, African American? So you can reach real people. Someone that identifies with the normal non-famous African American. Thank you.

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago


    8:47 PM

    Monday, May 25, 2020 (CDT)

    Sunset in Minneapolis, MN

    so how a sunset in 10 min means it would be pretty dark outside at the time they say it was evening

    but was it?? the witnesses all homeless peopel mostly the police pushed nephew away and they witness protection or witness oppression especially that they are blamed for reporting this GF

    so the camera woudl also show 20:00

    vs 8:00

    and so there seem to be rehearsal? some video clock is adjusted why?

  • Eleanor Churchill 2 years ago

    I have no idea who you are Phoebe (though I’ll look you up now) but I love you for making Jimmy laugh. He looked so miserable yesterday!

  • Brandon DuPree 2 years ago


  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago

    it may have even been two man

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago

    Jimmy please do not invite his people any more they narsistic and only tale about self
    what are you doing
    watch that knew video ASAP from Russia 24 filmed on eh street by black person asking to stand on the nee white peopel and apologize random peopel

  • Chris Spiers 2 years ago

    I love Phoebe! Not only is she hilarious, but, she speaks the truth! Several years ago, Ellen DeGeneres interviewed two 5 yr. old boys, who insisted they were twins, even though one of them was white and the other little boy was black. Young children see no color differences. We can learn a lot from them! 💖

  • Kevin H 2 years ago

    I have, and I think it’s cancerous.

  • YeeSoest 2 years ago

    When you guys elected Trump, I was kinda laughing like “heh, have fun with that ^^”
    Now I pity you guys for what he has done and keeps doing to YOU, your wonderful country and oh god, the image of america in the world…do you know how long Bush was stuck in people’s minds? Imagine this mental and moral blackout being what people associate with you for decades now?!

  • eating sugar no papa 2 years ago

    Stop protesting, there’s a virus ffs…

  • sexytv sexy 2 years ago

    Say no to racism all live matters white or black is same blood….no one has blue or black blood

  • Top Guns 23 2 years ago

    Can we start making cops that did that poor man like that pay for their mistakes?
    They are never gonna fear the law when they are pretty much above it . 🤷🤦😭Rip George Floyd 🙏#BLM #Justiceforeveryone btw I love jimmy

  • SuperChiko K&R. 2.3 2 years ago

    This is the truth

  • ToniHunterOne 2 years ago

    Jesus Jimmy, please remember, that there are people in general that feel like shit because of what we’ve seen. I can only speak for myself be I feel, I am certain that I feel the same as many on this planet watching Mr. Floyd being murdered by a man that was hired to service and protect us. His superiors are still making excuses, even though they fired him. He should be in jail, tried for murder. not manslaughter, murder. This man was trained as a deadly weapon. He knows how to kill people in many ways other than with a gun. it is dispicable. Just please don’t separate us, our pain, from black people’s pain. It’s insulting, to me, for you to assume that all of us, white people, are indifferent to black people and what they are going through. Many of us “white” people have no more power than many of our “black” people.

    I’m sorry, that this still has to be discussed this way. This is so sad. I am so angry about this!!!!

    Seth said we have to do something about Donald Trump, we have to stop him before the reelection. HOW????

  • New Message 2 years ago

    You’d figure that after trying to put heavier and heavier lids on the ol’ melting pot to keep it from ‘boiling up’, we’d try turning down the heat at least once.

    It certainly makes no sense to shovel more fuel on the fire, like the current admin is hellbent to do atm.

  • Lorraine Thomas 2 years ago

    Jimmy, thank you for understanding that you can use your privilege to amplify the voices of POC.

  • Nick Pizzitola 2 years ago



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