Phoebe Dynevor On Dating In The 19th Century & Now | CONAN on TBS

Published on March 28, 2022

(Original airdate: 01/28/21) Phoebe’s “Bridgerton” character never had to experience ghosting, but she also wouldn’t have to pander to a modern-day Nigel Berbrooke.

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  • peetie5000 12 months ago


  • Aztec Eagle Willow Tree 12 months ago

    Thank you blessed social networks for existing Look at RT news the Other side of the version
    who has a different opinion to Telemundo and Univision chayote media

  • Phil H 12 months ago

    Phoebe is stunning. Look at Conan blush!

  • Sevastopol 12 months ago

    Charming young lass

  • Meko 12 months ago

    Of course the benefits of “ghosting” work both ways. A woman might have to take some slouch’s courtship attempts seriously just because he owned a bakery or something back then. 🤦‍♀️

  • Gilberto de Piento 12 months ago

    Bridgerton here we go!!!

  • Steve Hunt 12 months ago

    Who would “ghost” her?? Says NO STRIAGHT MAN alive!!

  • HARI GOVIND K 12 months ago

    This interview was already uploaded one year ago!!!!!

  • Joel Sanford 12 months ago

    Did she die too or is this just a desperate re-upload?

  • 배운놈찰리 12 months ago

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  • Gary Turbo 12 months ago

    Totally smash 😘😘😘😘

  • F OFF 12 months ago

    Never heard of her or the show.

  • C. Razy 12 months ago

    Bridgerton without the Duke is soooooooooooooooooooooo boring.

  • Alex Rojas 12 months ago

    This girl is beautiful 😍

  • sidewinder2057 12 months ago

    I love what I’m seeing…Extremely pleasant 😏

  • Chancellor Palpatine 12 months ago

    Well damn

  • White Broccoli 12 months ago

    Lol was early nineteenth century really great for anyone ? No it wasn’t great for guys or girls compared to today.

  • Antonio Rivera 12 months ago

    God spent a little extra time making this woman

  • Vodkainum 12 months ago

    Bridgerton’s a hot piece of garbage though. So historically inaccurate they might as well feature phones and dating apps in it.

  • bob neutron 12 months ago

    Poor girl, sad.


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