Pfizer’s Covid Pill Can Save Lives | Jon Batiste Stands Up For Big Bird

Published on November 19, 2021

The Biden administration is buying enough Covid treatment pills to cover 10 million people, marking a hopeful new moment in America’s long battle with the pandemic. In other hopeful news, our friend Jon Batiste made some new friends on “Sesame Street” this week, and he has a few words for anyone criticizing Big Bird for supporting vaccination. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • charshine 2 years ago

    This man did not just call that muppet a demon.

  • Elvira Canaveral 2 years ago

    Can you blame the crabs for being cannibals?
    I wonder when they realize they, themselves, are delicious!?

  • globby blobby bubble butt 2 years ago

    “Cannibal Crabs” sounds like a death metal band in the Spongebob universe

  • BadHombre 2 years ago

    “Come on Seepy Joe, blow out those candles.”….KABOOM.
    They better keep those candles away from his diaper.

  • Ian Withers 2 years ago

    I miss the days when you were actually funny

  • Rais 2 years ago

    Those crabs are on Christmas Island. Nowhere near the mainland. Potential US tourists don’t worry about crabs attacking you when you come to Australia. I’m sure the crocodiles would finish them off.

  • Brian Cox 2 years ago

    As an English guy in UK watching Stephen for the first time, he’s not funny. At all.

  • dennisw64 2 years ago

    Will the COVID-19 vaccine pill finally give me the magnetic powers I was promised?

  • Anderson Blitz 2 years ago

    Anyone notice how his band was playing Green Hill Zone theme from the Sonic series?

  • Sunday Replay 2 years ago

    Gets me every time when the band drops Green Hill Zone <3

  • James 2 years ago

    Hey fake news Colbert…. How’s your ratings? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheryl Sibson 2 years ago

    It’s been raining a month of rain in one day in Canada, haven’t you read about it?

  • Graham Thompson 2 years ago

    Maryland again.

  • Colin Poole 2 years ago

    Just put the vaccine in our water supply and be done with this garbage.


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