Peter Strzok – The Threat of Donald Trump | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on September 11, 2020

Former FBI official Peter Strzok breaks down his new book on President Trump, what people should know about the FBI, and his infamous text messages. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #PeterStrzok

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  • Nater potater 2 years ago

    An fbi lawyer was found guilty of falsifying documents. But theres no deep state theres not even any bias C’MON MAN! lol It’s funny he didn’t mention that none of their investigations found ANYTHING abt anything. Hillary tricked everyone well almost everyone lol…

  • Gabriel Smith 2 years ago

    ohhhh Trevor Trevor Trevor. can’t wait to see your face when TRUMP wins again………..TRUMP 2020

  • Nancy Witmer 2 years ago

    Senate is stripping American citizens of any power, our right to vote.

  • Catrina Fraser 2 years ago

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Christel Headington 2 years ago

    September 11, 2001 Americans all across the country came together, in shock to aid and comfort one another. People pitched in anyway they could. Donald J. Trump, went on a radio call-in show.

  • Hennie Engelbrecht 2 years ago

    Trevor Puppet Noah

  • Hugh Graham 2 years ago

    Good interviewer. Asked the right questions. Worthy of use as an aid in University tutorials.

  • Hahnrakete 2 years ago

    Gotta love how Trump screams deep state at the FBI, yet their actions helped him win. They tossed bs about Hillary, days before election, after it was cleared by them. But they couldn’t tell the people about Trump and Russia? Wow great unbiased department you guys run there at the FBI. Long time republicans, and now you sold your souls to a Manchurian candidate. Bet you wish you told the US about Trump in 2016, huh?

  • Bill Stotts 2 years ago

    Please relax a minute to some music

  • Bruce Piston 2 years ago

    Lol Trevor your should stay out of US politics and focus on your own country that is so corrupt and screwing their own citizens. You want US to become like that?

  • hooligan 2 years ago

    It’s not false. The media’s war on Trump is the living proof of it. Wake up morons.

  • Nairobi, Kenya 2 years ago

    I’ll buy his book. And I’m not even an American resident. Enough said !

  • joyce Loesch 2 years ago

    And the deep state is the anti-Trump American people who want him GONE! ➡️➡️➡️➡️🚫

  • abdul samad khan 2 years ago

    #PrimeTime #RavishKumar #NdtvIndia

  • Marlie Rogers 2 years ago

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Two Black Labs 2 years ago

    Peter Strozk is a goddamn American HERO, not the vilified “traitor” that Trump has made him out to be! The FBI had a duty to investigate Russia’s meddling in our Democracy in 2016, and he did his part to do just that. The fact that Trump called that “spying on my campaign” PROVES without a doubt that Trump was actively engaged in that criminal act.

  • White Dragon 2 years ago

    You both suck.

  • Xavier Decroix 2 years ago

    So he’s guilty of not telling the truth. What happened to your country ?

  • Chrissyce 2 years ago

    I love Trevor’s interviews because he always asks the hard questions and get an answer!

  • Aristotelezz 2 years ago

    Talking about the Deep State. Trump didn’t spend one day in prison after being accused by tens of women of sexual assault, even of rape. He got away with breaking contracts, defaulting, draft dodging, not paying taxes ect ect. How the hell is this possible? Friends in high places! The real Deep State!


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