Pete Davidson Modeled with Emily Ratajkowski in a David LaChapelle Photoshoot

Published on November 9, 2021

Pete Davidson talks about Taylor Swift coming to SNL and collaborating with Emily Ratajkowski in an ad campaign.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Jaded Cricket 11 months ago

    Oh man, I remember the freak brothers from High Times… right?

  • Carol ina 11 months ago

    He is sooo funny, i have never seen a interview with him where i dont laugh

  • Tom 11 months ago

    I like my comedians to be funny and intelligent. Too bad NBC chose to push this guy on us

  • cautionTosser 11 months ago

    8 years of sucking. has it really been that long? I wish he could’ve kept Arianna on at least as a fashion consultant.

  • Raven 11 months ago

    Moose knuckle = camel toe but fatter

    Also, there’s no way the company doesn’t already know that.

  • Sara 11 months ago

    pete has absolutely no business being this funny, man 😭😂

  • JoAnne Weiss 11 months ago

    Pete will be adorable at 50! Just gets funnier & funnier. With all these different movies now, he still has negative ego, he’ll never change (unlike Sandler!)

  • miriam kennedy 11 months ago

    I’m watching this show, seems very interesting, and I think the topic of three freak boys who woke up in a whole new decade is perfect for a comedy animation☺️☺️

  • Coleen Parsons 11 months ago

    Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers?! On Tubi?! Which I assume is a streaming app?!

    I’ll sign up if Fat Freddy’s Cat is involved.

  • xdeonyx1 11 months ago

    a few weird hater comments. if this man would have me, i’d marry him tomorrow. if not, i’d gladly be an MBA degreed exec who from now on just chauffeurs him places on time.
    what i’m saying is i dig him. 😂

  • Flat Stuff Earth 11 months ago

    SHILLS be shillin

  • Tim Hill 11 months ago

    Hey, uh, jackals, what’s going on? I haven’t seen monkey boy

  • simp of movies 11 months ago

    are those freak Brothers the representation of 60s culture or 70s culture?? I’m confused in that part.

  • E C 11 months ago

    A moose knuckle is a camel toe for anyone who didn’t know.

  • DD 11 months ago

    Pete’s got one character which is Pete

  • sparky McPlug 11 months ago

    Headlines in two weeks, Taylor and Pete dating, headlines three weeks later, Taylor and Pete break up, two weeks later Taylor writes another sappy song about how she can’t find love.

  • Agus Garcia Rodriguez 11 months ago

    Could it be that Pete didn’t want to talk about Taylor, because of his new thing with that kardashian person? I love Pete and always imagined him to be a Swiftie 🧐 hopefully he will be after Saturday

  • S. Pociecha 11 months ago

    I’d love a little fish 🐟

  • Roth Loaf 11 months ago

    Ah. The new Kardashian kid…

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