Pete Buttigieg’s Cabinet Nomination Is Historic

Published on January 21, 2021

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg talks about attending President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the new administration’s plans and his historic nomination as secretary of transportation.

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  • Jennifer Lindsey 1 month ago

    Congratulations Pete! Make us proud!

  • Salty Jo 1 month ago

    His friends call him Pete Butt?

  • Johnny Dez 1 month ago

    What a refreshing experience to see someone actually excited, informed and interested in the agency he will lead. I recall the previous crop of cabinet Secretaries that were apathetic, uninformed about even basics and actively involved in the undermining of said agencies.

  • Dilsad Meraler 1 month ago

    Finally someone who is excited about ‘nerd stuff’ these people are descriptions of competence

  • Jamie B 1 month ago

    Pete is great

  • James Hiler 1 month ago

    Richard Grenell

  • Lisa B in Hawaii 1 month ago

    I love me some Petey 💚💙🧡❤💜

  • our wet dogs 1 month ago

    As a Tesla electric car owner – Rock on Mayor Pete way to go.

  • Rich Cook 1 month ago

    Why? Because he’s gay? Other than that, he’s just another self-centered lying prig who has been angling for this for many years in cynical fashion. Jimmy you are a fool for slurping this asshat.

  • Jeremy Jackson 1 month ago

    Pete “I used to care about policy” buttigeig

  • Just Judy Crafting 1 month ago

    You. Just got to love Mayor Pete. He’s so humble, So proud of the job he has done. Love to work with him but after`years as a flight attention, which I just retired from. Caring for electric officials is same as bossy pilots then I’m set.

  • Spartan40 1 month ago

    As promised, here is your reward for helping rig the primaries for Joe. Welcome to the political establishment Pete, keep it up and we’ll take care of you just like we do Jimmy.

  • Snowy Owl 1 month ago

    Salute to Mayor Pete for your service. Swing for the fences, you have a great career ahead of you.

  • u ok 1 month ago

    I can’t stand him, except when he goes on Fox News and explains reality to people.

  • De L 1 month ago

    Pete U R Great.

  • Ivan James Hunt 1 month ago

    I do like Mayor Pete.

  • Francesca S 1 month ago

    I don’t see how the ratings are dipping. The Roots are great and he has great guests and fun music guests.

  • EightsixFortyfive 1 month ago

    Mayor Pete. One day I hope to see him as President. So happy for his nomination. 👍👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤

  • Lisa L. Gruman 1 month ago

    Beautifully said by Mayor Pete: “You have every right to belong, every right to serve, every right to be part of this country.”

  • Murad Diab 1 month ago

    Pete Buttigieg dropped out while he was ahead of Biden probably thinking he’d be made VP or Pentagon Chief and then Biden stuck him at the department of transportation 😂


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