Pete Buttigieg – Why It’s Not Radical to Reform the Electoral College | The Daily Show

Published on May 6, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg lays out the big issues he’d address in his presidency and how serving as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has prepared him for the job.



  • KJ 2 years ago

    This guy rocks. Help me get 3k likes and I’ll donate $100 to his campaign ?

  • Nathan Fielure 2 years ago

    He’s too young need some track record in congress. Taking money from lobbyist isn’t a good start.

  • Bernie Leiva 2 years ago

    No. More. Corporatists.

  • brian gardner 2 years ago

    This mayor Pete is just a liberal scumbag in sheep’s clothing. The electoral college is needed now more then ever. If we were to just go with the majority win then the small states people would not ever matter.

  • ALizardLoves You 2 years ago

    <3 woo woo!

  • Ifihada Hammer 2 years ago

    The state of Ohio is putting an end to gerrymandering. Republicans haven’t won a presidential primary through popular vote for 30 years.

  • lil_mizz_llary 2 years ago

    God doesnt approve of homosexuality. he burnt sodom and gomora because of this. God doesn’t change friends. christianity and homosexuality do not belong in the same spiritual group!!

  • *BROTHER WOLF* 2 years ago

    What it we don’t want any changes to the elections process.
    How about better ideas not to take control of Citizens the person with the most voters means city’s can tell country Citizens how to live.
    America is a republic not a majority rules. You are a progressive socialist Democratic that only speak to Black American a election time . The education system is not working because of government. I am glad we have someone that doesn’t believe in what has passed off as public education. He is One more clown jumping in the car talking loud and saying nothing.We him we get nothing but a symbol same as any run of the mill bullshit politicens.
    This election will prove The America taxpayers in the voting blocks are not going soclist Progresstive and walking away from globalization as Citizens not subjects.
    Why can’t Citizens see the government students loans process for what it is ? And how successful it is as a generational Progresstive government financial slavery program ,so would media care for all and the taxes around climate change . To lesson flooding in poplation area’s improve flood control infostructure man can control this not the weather and climate
    beside this is how it was done before politicens and scienctis fugered out how to sell the climate change bullshit for money.
    I support make America and Americans Smart Again.Enought with the political clowns of any party.

  • Lyndon Stucker 2 years ago

    This guy is blowing my mind. Hope i get to vote for him.

  • Rahul Pradhan 2 years ago

    Electorial college is fking awful

  • Sissel 2 years ago

    President of ducks

  • girl with kaleidoscope eyes 2 years ago

    Not that it matters much but you have the vote of this 17 year old Swedish girl. I truly believe in him

  • Julhi 2 years ago

    Still very unsure how I will pick between him and Bernie

  • Michel Andre LaCroix 2 years ago

    He’s making sense of it all and I understand him. I want Donald Trump back.

  • José Luna 2 years ago

    I bet he secretly is a super villain

  • Dillon Mathiasen 2 years ago

    This is going to get me so much hate but…for those complaining he wants Electoral College reform not abolishment consider this.

    You have a bunch of rural communites that have smaller populations than the big cities with thousands if not millions of people. Now suddenly we go for just the popular group. It’s going to feel hard to say that your voice matters or every vote counts when your vote kind of…doesn’t against those odds

    It needs to be reformed, I completely agree with that. As for the how…I have no idea

  • CardiacKip 2 years ago

    Critics question his lack of experience??? Fo’ real?? How much experience did Trump have??? Not none!!! Unless you count bankrupting his businesses and becoming such a high credit risk that no domestic bank would uckf with him, as experience. I’m fairly certain I’m voting for Mayor Pete!!

  • chimpakawanzelu 2 years ago

    I love how he mocked “sjws” on his ivy league campus for protesting for higher wages for the janitors… the same “sjws” that fought for his right to marry a dude.

  • Jody Highroller 2 years ago

    Sorry Pete but the electoral college is essential to our REPUBLIC (not a pure democracy)

  • Lily Darkmoore 2 years ago

    Face it, folks – the Republican party is working to create in the United States of America the SAME OLIGARCHY system that exists in Russia today. It started with their calculated and highly publicized over-reaction to the IRS not giving 501(3)(c) status to organizations that did not deserve that status, but wanted it so they didn’t have to disclose their donors. The extreme publicity push by the Republican Party’s propaganda machine – owned by Australian chaos peddler Rupert Murdoch – ended with the IRS no longer bothering to police the laws they had been charged with policing for those tax designations, and thus BILLIONS OF ILLEGAL DOLLARS could flow into Republican campaigns from foreign sources. Paul Ryan’s Tax Disaster contributed to the problem even more, as now those who are determined to become the equivalent of Russian Oligarchs can legally avoid the taxes they should be paying in a fair system, and use that money to bribe government officials and buy ads that manipulate the public in ways that SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED. We are headed for a copy of the RUSSIAN POLITICAL SYSTEM that Trump so publicly admires, and as long as Republicans control any branch of our government so completely as they recently have, they will keep eroding our system with the goal of an OLIGARCHY in their sights.


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