People Have Been Going To War Over Fast Food Forever

Published on July 16, 2021

Lindsey Graham is hardly the first to lay it all on the line for some processed meat. #Colbert #TheLateShow #ColdOpens

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  • Zaroff's Trophy Room 12 months ago

    When a political stance amounts to trying to make people forget you are actually an irrelevant, tedious, ingrate…

  • Phillip Hamilton 12 months ago

    Wow, this is what he will go to war for??💀💀💀

  • INDELIBLE FAECES 12 months ago

    Lindsay Graham is most definitely a closteded homosexual, making this ironic

  • Floyd S 12 months ago

    Lindsey Graham is such a worthless tool. I’m sure Lindsey’s gigolos might have something to say.

  • Critical Thinker 12 months ago


  • Bilateralrope 12 months ago

    No mention of Colonel Sanders ?

  • Roy McGregor 12 months ago

    “I say, I say, I say boy … Sit down and shut up. You’re an embarrassment son …”
    – Foghorn Leghorn

  • Ty in VA 12 months ago

    Lol Lindsey is gay

  • Terry Wright 12 months ago

    Translation: Chick-Fil-A has purchased my support

  • Taijifufu 12 months ago

    What an opportunistic snake. He has no say over what business a private university decides to supply lunch.

  • El Loco 12 months ago

    Miss Lindsey Graham prefers being blackmailed all over the place over coming out of the closet she’s been trying to hide in all her life.

  • Ye Bol act 12 months ago

    Since people of Westside from my location📍🇮🇳,,, know that government is really taking care of the generation,,, after all Science
    They took a step in the early years,,,
    Like increase tax on junk food🍲,,,
    And I😎 knew will not go thru ,,,,,

  • Inquisitor Bacon 12 months ago

    Can you believe this simp?

  • Steven S 12 months ago

    Man, if only Kabul managed to open a Chick-fil-a store, US would still be in Afghanistan. Toss in a KFC and the war would be over in months. =(

  • Dustin V 12 months ago

    Best part would be if Graham, single handedly with his tweet, gets the restaurant chain boycotted in a major way by bringing attention to it. The more the GOP fights positive social change, the more the world protests the antiquated beliefs of these proud lil boys.

  • Anthony Campagnolo 12 months ago

    I am glad to see the well paid politicians putting so much time in fighting for a fast food company rather than its own private citizens. I wonder who is filling his pockets🤪

  • Nate Stokes 12 months ago

    Pfft. Lindsay ain’t gonna fight for no chicken sandwich. He’s gonna draft his poor constituents sons to right for a chicken sandwich and reap donations while being a talking head on cable news.

  • TheDanishGuyReviews 12 months ago

    Lindsey Graham has it too good, then.

  • Debrutsid Eno 12 months ago

    Cluck Lady G.


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