Penn & Teller Teach Conan Sleight Of Hand – “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”

Published on May 19, 2020

(Original airdate: 07/11/01) Penn & Teller teach Conan how to do sleight of hand with razor blades, grapefruit, and shaving cream. Watch more classic clips @

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  • ColdSmoke56 2 years ago

    If you notice at the end teller shakes Conan’s hand with his left hand probably because he was palming a razor blade lmao

  • Calvin Rogers 2 years ago

    4:08 *Penn* : Now hold you hand flat like you are feeding a horse…

  • saqibq 2 years ago

    “Like feeding a horse” If only they knew!

  • Jahu1104 2 years ago

    “This is not called “reading something on a foam bottle” , this is called misdirection!”

  • Jim Hossain 2 years ago

    Conan the best! He literally makes me laugh. Jimmy Fallons fake laugh makes me yawn.

  • Mike Hunt 2 years ago

    5:21​ you can see teller holding the razor blade with his thumb against the knife when he makes the first cut, he lets go of the razor blade and puts it in place before turning it at an angle where the making the final cut would expose it, pretty cool

  • Subhan Zahid 2 years ago

    Ahahah not enough applause for the ‘giving me a lot of credit here’

  • Hermann Björgvin Haraldsson 2 years ago

    This either means Penn or Teller will be interviewed or either of them has just died.

  • Scud 2 years ago

    My butthole is twitching watching them handling the blades. Maybe it is just me.

  • F. N. Lorter 2 years ago

    Penn & Teller have done so much for the AIDS community. God bless them.

  • Emmanuel Alejandro 2 years ago

    Man Penn is great with slight of hand. He’d divert the viewer away from the secret until the trick is done.

  • Trinh Vu truong 2 years ago

    Is that the guy who sold an Almanac to Joey in Friends?

  • drew 2 years ago

    I dont know about yall but my quarantine conan binge is going swimmingly

  • Bob the wielder 2 years ago

    Damn they don’t age

  • Mithras Tauroctonos 2 years ago

    5:01 left speaker, you can hear the ONE audience member that got that joke LOLOLOLOLOL

  • positiverossman 2 years ago

    Penn and Teller are still the classiest magicians I have ever seen!

  • DJ Clawson 2 years ago

    Oh G-d did one of them die?!?!

  • Amusement Labs 2 years ago

    For those wondering how he got the blade out, the can is magnetic. If you notice teller passes the can over the blade before he starts spraying it. Then watch his hand and the can. After which he loads the blade and when he turns over the grapefruit he’s rolling it back to insert the blade into it moments before he cuts it open.

  • kenneth singh 2 years ago

    I was real worried for Conan when he squeezed his hand!

  • David C. 2 years ago

    Didn’t know Conan is as tall as Penn.


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