Pelosi Presses On & Constitutional Scholars Testify | The Daily Show

Published on December 5, 2019

Constitutional scholars advise on the impeachability of Trump’s offenses and Nancy Pelosi calls for articles of impeachment to be drawn up. #TheDailyShow



  • pedro camarero 7 months ago

    One of the best clips of this year!

  • jacob Warren 7 months ago

    Political shit show.

  • TJ Cofer 7 months ago

    The southern lady play is the best joke made my trevor noah ever 10 out of 10 will watch again

  • Star Cherry 7 months ago

    The scholar’s joke is not news
    I’d rather hear more about the impeachment

  • Gill Rocky1988 7 months ago

    Godamn shameless and puppet of Trump

  • Frank R. Pilot 7 months ago

    Go back to Sudáfrica and do the same there. Speak with respect when you talk about Nancy, go back to your not funny stand up comedy but in your country.

  • LukenZur 7 months ago

    the thought of loyalty sounds … well too game of thrones like lol
    this is the reason why the US is divided… its either us or them mentality

  • Cue 1st Amend 7 months ago

    They should have brought in the Constitutional law scholar Barrack Obama.

  • Darth Hiro 7 months ago

    It’s it illegal to ask someone who they voted for?

  • lovemoviesful2 7 months ago

    LMAO, no wonder majority of retards are Republicans, because their mama shouldn’t let them go to college. ??????????

  • veleli maka 7 months ago


  • Tim Nelson 7 months ago

    You come in to lend expertise on whether or not to impeach the president. One of the most serious things that can happen and you’re telling jokes? Stop looking for mic drop moments during an impeachment trial. This is why they are not credible to be lending their expertise, or at least she isn’t.

  • Kirk Johnson 7 months ago

    The President named his son Barron. That’s the issue. If his name was Prince Trump everyone would be okay with it

  • mirawen 7 months ago

    Come on… we all know Stanford and Harvard are the worst law schools in the country!!

  • razi uddin ahmed 7 months ago

    That waltz accent by trevor was amazing

  • Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise 7 months ago

    By the way, it IS BLATANTLY ILLEGAL to ask who someone voted for as an interrogator or cross-examiner. It’s illegal for employers to ask, doctors too. It’s illegal in every situation in which a legal bond of trust is present.
    Collins should definitely be removed from office immediately, by any means of force necessary.

  • Constant Chaos 7 months ago

    Oh fuck off about the joke, that was fine

  • lilb1190 7 months ago

    This is all good and we’ll, but the senate isn’t going to vote him out

  • Inquisitive Cameron 7 months ago

    Yea, we may have proposed, but we all know that the Republicans are going to get cold feet and choose themselves over what’s best for the union of the country. Get ready for a shameful partisan vote in the Senate backing Trump.

  • Manny EHC 7 months ago

    That Christoph Waltz part killed me


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