Pedro Gonzalez Performs Stand Up

Published on January 9, 2020

Comedian Pedro Gonzalez makes his Late Show stand up comedy debut. #Colbert #StandUp #Comedy

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  • MrMamoMoo 1 year ago

    I’m just here to make sure the first comment on this video is telling you to vote for Bernie.

  • Pretty Pixy 1 year ago

    I don’t understand why they get comedians on to do a -5 min skit!! It’s very difficult to loosen up the audience and have enough time to be able to build up the bit. It’s not fair on comedians, it’s like asking a band to just play the first 1/4 of a song!!

  • Michael Finley 1 year ago

    I’m here for the second comment to tell you to vote for Bernie

  • EL Plagua 1 year ago

    TrUmP iS tHe GrEaTeSt PrEsIdEnT eVeR…

    Sincerely, best and most greatest trumptard

  • EL Plagua 1 year ago

    This guy is funny af. His whole style and delivery has me dying laughing


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