Pedestrian Question – Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

Published on September 3, 2015

According to a new poll, a majority of Republicans still believe that President Obama is a Muslim. Jimmy was shocked by this and thought it might be a good subject for our audience guessing game #PedestrianQuestion. So we went out on the street and asked people “Is President Obama A Muslim?”

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  • ramzi ayadi 5 years ago

    what’s wrong for being Muslim!! everyone is free to choose his own

  • Nadia Skifa 5 years ago

    dear Jimmy what if Barak Obama was a muslim this do not nean enything you
    don’t have to be a racist about it . well his father was a muslim and in a
    speech he said that he couldn’t find the time to pray 5 prayers a day.I’m
    muslim and i’m proud

  • Ayuk Nadia 5 years ago

    3:00 Santa, hurry down the chimney tonight?

  • y0Sprintz 5 years ago

    I love how the whole audience says no to the black guy so not to sound
    racist when it was obvious that guy looked like he has no idea of what’s
    going on in the world

  • zain hudani 5 years ago

    So what if he was a muslim?

  • xx ll 5 years ago

    lol if you pronounce it ‘mozlem’ i’m gonna assume you’re an old white
    republican who spends their free time watching fox news

  • pongo245 5 years ago

    I’m telling you ever since Jimmy got the beard he isn’t funny anymore.

  • Gavin Ewart 5 years ago

    The 5th guy is a free-mason so obviously he knows that he isn’t 2:40

  • Martin Lee 5 years ago

    Stupid racist Americans

  • Martin Lee 5 years ago

    If he is an Asian u guys will make fun of him also brunch of skin judging
    Americans just u people just the “black” people African Americans

  • Grumble Games 5 years ago

    Islam is perfect. Muslims are not.

  • JeDkGaming 5 years ago

    so many dislikes you fucking americunts really hate muslims while the only
    terrorists are the government.

  • ferfer7000 5 years ago

    Lol that last guy

  • Foreseen G. 5 years ago

    I was waiting for him to call that one guy Santa Claus, and ultimately he
    didn’t let me down.

  • Nayan 5 years ago

    americans are so fat and stupid, Barack Obama is the right president in the
    wrong country

  • Michael Swenson 5 years ago

    Jimmy totally missed out on calling the bearded dude: The Santa from
    Atlanta… Need a writer? Call me.

  • Tony Montoya 5 years ago

    americans are so ignorant. he is a Christian muslim really nigga

  • Danis Grahovic 5 years ago

    One guy in this video he had hat end it’s sad G. G means Illuminati.

  • Rico Suave 5 years ago

    Although Obama isn’t a muslim why the fuck would it matter if he was a
    muslim or not, it shows you just how many bigots are in this country,
    Bernie Sanders will become the first jewish president #feelthebern

  • FarheenMeraj 5 years ago

    Love the last guy. “I said I DON’T KNOW!!!”

  • Nora Al-AzZawi 5 years ago

    its good hes not amuslim cz if he was he will make the muslims look bad !!!

  • david kaiser 5 years ago

    im not a republican, but barack obama was a muslim before he ran for
    president. Then he converted to christianity after the controversy of
    reverned wright and jimmy kimmel cant understand why people would think hes
    a muslim? He even blamed trump? I love the jimmy kimmel show but god damn
    hes stupid.

  • teamworkformyfrainds 5 years ago

    Isn’t it “He is muslim” not “He is a muslim”? This video seems oddly racist

  • MidNiteBlazer 5 years ago

    it’s sad that people care so much about a man’s religion when they claim to
    support freedom of belief/religion

  • Rakan Alsaeed 5 years ago

    the old man’s cap on 02:28; explains everything!

  • x Collinsity 5 years ago

    I’m a Muslim and a gamer

    And I will dislike for the gamers! Will you !!

  • netmatrix75 5 years ago

    The last guy is the best!!! Being true to yourself!!! He doesn’t know!!!

  • Keshav Sobha 5 years ago

    are americans really that STUPID?

  • Tony Sayavong 5 years ago

    Everybody dislike his videos

  • Lé modest chick by YaraaA 5 years ago

    Respect other people’s RELIGON!! I can’t believe being “muslim” is a topic
    on jimmy Kimmel that’s disgusting ! Muslim so what if he was? You all might
    get a bad impression!

  • Cornerback_ Worst_Nightmare AJ 5 years ago

    He look and sound like Lil Wayne without dreads

  • Hashem Amireh 5 years ago

    Why is that retarded audience clapping every time someone says his not a
    Muslim?? I don’t know if he is or not but they are so stupid I want to
    shove a taco up their asses.

  • Hashem Amireh 5 years ago


  • Dineen Joy 5 years ago

    Obama is a closet Atheist

  • Jazmineofficial Channel 5 years ago

    What if he’s a Muslim ?

  • Jordan G 5 years ago

    That old guy with the huge Masonic hat on….Illuminati supports Obama. Yes
    I did just pull that card. lol

  • Eron Constante 5 years ago

    At least the last dude kept being honest.

  • Shahroz Khan 5 years ago

    2:43 Illuminati confirmed

  • Basic B 5 years ago


  • CEO R&J Studio's 5 years ago

    Us gamers we need to dislike his vid

  • iwillkillyouamanda 5 years ago

    Lol guy at the end was the smartest. i. don’t. know.

  • Happiness Bunny 5 years ago

    I’m not religious, but the crowd were disappointed when some of them said
    yes for Muslim. Would it really matter? Would it be better if he were
    Buddhist or just Christian?

  • Nick M 5 years ago


  • betty6581 5 years ago

    What if he was -,- ?? Got a problem with that?

  • xNED37x 5 years ago

    Obama’s definitely not a Christian

  • BLOOD1MONEY 5 years ago

    That first bitch looks like a passable tranny I’d raw ????

  • Ahmed Almansoer 5 years ago

    So what if he is a Muslim i thought that USA policy doesn’t believe in
    religion in politic 

  • Sonic Twins 5 years ago

    I really don’t like u and your show. I am watching this because I don’t
    like you.

  • Dipto Sarkar 5 years ago

    Do you think you are smart host..??

  • Neil Mihalich 5 years ago

    They should have asked Spiderman and Venom behind Santa Claus

  • Ryan Ortiz 5 years ago

    this game makes me feel racist.

  • aawesh khan 5 years ago

    i hate the part when jimmy asks from the audience

  • Znawca Bigosu 5 years ago

    2:45 notice his hat?

  • Mohnad Althoey 5 years ago

    oh boy, americans r stupid af

  • Mohammed Amine RAFIK 5 years ago

    Why ?! Is being a MUSLIM become a disease or something ?!! These question
    only raise intolerence and discrimination between people … I like the
    PedestrianQuestion segment of your show but how the question was addressed
    id wrong !!

  • clap clap 5 years ago

    Grow the fuck up gamers, no need to dislike every video. You’re not proving
    a point, just showing how immature you can be. It’s sad since most of the
    gaming community can be rational and know that what he said was a joke,
    just the rest of you dumb shits don’t realize it. Fuck off and you’re not
    proving anything by disliking every goddamn video.

  • Znawca Bigosu 5 years ago

    Is Barrack Hussein Obama a muslim don’t ask me

  • ROOKTABULA 5 years ago

    he drinks beer. Was a smoker. Has admitted to smoking weed. He prays in
    christian churches. Right wingers in America are clearly, ignorant,
    bigoted, fucking morons. And ferret top at the top of the GOP clown car
    pile is further proof of this.

  • kaishawn brown 5 years ago

    come on the gamers shouldnt give a fuck about jimmy’s opinion you all. im a
    gamer and i dont care what he says because he is a comedian thats what
    comedians do

  • luke j 5 years ago

    Anyone notice spiderman at 3:00?

  • INDY92500 5 years ago

    2:29 That guy is wearing a Freemason hat.

  • Jay Milligan 5 years ago

    Either Muslims are now offended, or the gaming community hasn’t grown up
    yet. I think it’s the gamers. If you’re actually that offended over
    something so pathetic then just unsubscribe.

  • John Crump 5 years ago

    516 th comment

  • Saeed Al-Dossary 5 years ago

    What is wrong with being a Muslim ?

  • Sarah O 5 years ago

    wtf is a Moslem?

  • BobBX542 5 years ago

    My first favorite thing about this is the woman who says “Moslim”, my
    second favorite thing is, I get the feeling from a lot of these types of
    videos (Kimmel’s and others), that people are thinking Muslim is a race,
    not a religion. Like the “Christian-Moslim” woman there, it seems to me
    that she might be thinking he’s a Christian from “Moslimvania”.

  • Ang badang 5 years ago

    Why do the audience laugh at every breath Jimmy takes? I mean I love his
    comedy but every move he makes really isn’t that funny.

  • Ma St 5 years ago

    People are fucking stupid.. not just americans but americans especially..

  • ajduff 512 5 years ago

    Fuck fuck your face

  • I watch Will&Grace on an eternal loop 5 years ago

    this is basically a fuck you to muslims. saying we abnormal. fuck u jimmy,
    im joining the gaming community. stuck up for your fat ass yesterday.

  • Ethan Kalcheff 5 years ago

    I think a lot of people are misinterpreting this video and what Jimmy meant
    by the question. He isn’t saying that there is anything wrong with being
    Muslim, he’s showing how misinformed some people are on our president. To
    the contrary, actually, he’s showing how people who do think Obama is
    Muslim are, in turn, the ones who think it’s wrong to be a Muslim. He
    mentioned how a majority of the Republican party thinks Obama is Muslim,
    and the Republican party frequently critiques Obama for things he has not
    done, and they also are frequently misinformed on things about Obama, for
    example, his religion. And lastly, not to generalize here, but Islamaphobia
    is quite commonplace amongst Republicans, meaning they irrationally fear
    the Muslim religion or anyone associated with it. /

  • Hafsa Abdi 5 years ago

    Who cares if he’s Muslim or not. It’s up to him. Why is this a video? Man..
    Jimmy, smh..

  • Bob Davis 5 years ago

    This whole skit is to make it look like a BAD thing to be Muslim…Way to
    go jim-boy…

  • LittleBitofSunshine 5 years ago

    Lets see..he was raised a muslim, went to muslims schools, and said that if
    the winds shift in an ugly direction he will ALWAYS side with Islam. So
    what else is he if not a muslim? Funny how liberal cowards like Kimmel and
    his audience didn’t make fun of Madonna when she correctly stated we have a
    muslim president. Americans are so blind.

  • Matthew Gibson 5 years ago

    Look, middle class white Christian male here, also Conservative (with a
    heavy dose of Libertarian) and I would say, no. But I don’t believe he’s a
    Christian either. I think he subscribes to the church of “whatever is best
    for Barack.” Like most people.

  • Willy Rupino 5 years ago

    Stephan was the only honest one.

  • h alsa 5 years ago

    What’s wrong with being Muslim?

  • BijouxZhero 5 years ago

    Why is this a comedic ….?

  • M Smith 5 years ago

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, odds are its a duck.

  • Muddassir Raza 5 years ago

    1k dislikes…. are gamers still butt hurt? lol

  • JB Baek Jin 5 years ago

    He isnt. So what if he is? Is it a bad thing? Jimmy i dont understand this

  • Madhu Kashyap 5 years ago

    give them a button to select already..

  • christopher marshall 5 years ago

    The last guy is actually a good guy, not just funny, if he doesn’t know he
    says, no bullshit answer or acting like he knows

  • christopher marshall 5 years ago

    The last guy is actually a good guy, not just funny, if he doesn’t know he
    says, no bullshit answer or acting like he knows when discussing a topic he

  • Os s_79 5 years ago

    what I see in the comments is when a Muslim talks he/she gets the fastest
    replay ” don’t bomb any thing ” now this is wrong .. if we judge in this
    logic then the Americans are the 1st tourists in the world ! they killed
    the Japanese they turned the middle esat into a battle field they kill
    thousands of innocent afghani’s i can go on and on and on ! but as Muslim i
    learned not to judge that way , if the us gov killing and destroy some
    countries that doesn’t mean all Americans are killers , same way as you ..
    you can’t judge 1.5 billion because misguided stupid people who are not a
    real muslims ” actually it is mentioned in the quran that Killing innocent
    people ” wither Muslim or not ” is like killing whole humanity which is
    prohibited in Islam .. I’m sorry for the long speech “-_- i just wanted
    make every thing clear because it hurts me when people talk in a wrong way
    about us -_- sorry for my bad English and peace

  • Koala Bearz (Mr. Koala Bearz) 5 years ago

    By Muslim law, if your father is a muslim then the offspring is born a
    muslim, and the name barack Hussein is generally given to muslims not
    Christians. Fact

  • bela farkas 5 years ago

    could u make a nba edition mean tweets? +jimmy kimmel live

  • Randy Smores 5 years ago

    i just came here to dislike the video.

  • PranksFD 5 years ago

    Dam first shots at gaming then this c’mon kimmel

  • Hans & Carter 5 years ago

    The last guy will be the inspiration for another Key and Peele character.
    Just you wait.
    – C

  • Tom Hallam 5 years ago

    What’s so wrong with him being a Muslim anyway? I really don’t understand

  • Dorian Twix 5 years ago

    The Red and Black Spiderman dudes didnt want to answer because WITH GREAT

  • Based Dexter 5 years ago

    hey hey hey
    we found the dad

  • Darth Rubik 5 years ago

    Can’t believe any of sound mind still watches this bull.

  • mars bars 5 years ago

    Why has every video on this channel got so many dislikes…?

  • Steve Patterson 5 years ago

    Of course.

  • iylilyana 5 years ago

    so what if he was muslim, jimmy kimmel?

  • DirtySouthGaming 5 years ago

    I’m an atheist vegan crossfitter pit bull owning feminist and this offends

  • mentionnot 5 years ago

    Why do Americans pronounce it like Mozlem? It’s literally MUSLIM. Sounds
    exactly how it’s spelled… Jeez, it ain’t that hard.


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