Pedestrian Question – Have You Ever Watched Pornography at Work?

Published on March 2, 2017

A new report from NBC4 in Washington DC said that 100 federal employees had been caught watching porn at work over the past five years. Jimmy thought this would be a good area for our audience guessing game #PedestrianQuestion, so we went out on the street to ask people if they had ever done the same.

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  • Amr Tonsy 3 years ago

    not first but early doe

  • jeevan shine 3 years ago

    Last time I was this early La La Land won best picture.

  • Freggie T 3 years ago

    I reckon that chubby Mexican guy is watching porn in the green room while jimmy is speaking.

  • T S 3 years ago

    The second guy is a savage 😀
    “NOOO I watch it at home” “Where do you work?” “From home”

  • Likeicare usewe 3 years ago

    I love youtube, I can see all the best parts of the late night talk shows without having to watch the show

  • Ian Fallarco 3 years ago

    Pretty sure your boss is even more of a pervert than you.

  • snake 3 years ago

    jbl likes muscly big sweaty women !!!

  • HX Huang 3 years ago

    the second guy: if he does, does that mean he watches porn…while…giving speeches?

  • MsGrizabella 3 years ago

    At my first job, all we had on the main computers was the cashier website. The other computers had the sign in/sign out thing and testing for employees. Our “break room” was a green plastic table that was breaking, two tan tin chairs, a fridge, and a microwave. Plus, there were cameras everywhere!! No, thank you…

  • Alex Koutoukas 3 years ago

    How do people watch porn at work? I mean, unless you have your own office, I don’t see how anyone would be comfortable enough to watch porn at work while anybody could catch him doing it.

  • Aldrin Negapatan 3 years ago

    Can I Get Likes Guys.. Im From Philippines..

  • Jaguar Warrior 3 years ago

    Why is there no traffic?

  • Asteroid YT 3 years ago


  • Mina In Japan 3 years ago

    Work always used to block those sites, even Facebook was blocked.

  • alex camarena 3 years ago

    second guy kind of sounds like J.B. Smoove

  • Proud Namjoon 3 years ago

    Here before it blows up k

  • tuBryan Juarez 3 years ago

    we don’t even have the damn wifi pasword so no

  • YouTube Fan 3 years ago

    I’m here before 4K views.

  • little big world 3 years ago

    alot of those people are going to be fired

  • SolanMemer 3 years ago

    I don’t think so means “i am not that good at speaking English. Please don’t judge me”


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