Pauley Perrette & Alice Cooper on Their Phobias

Published on September 16, 2015

After Pauley Perrette shares some of her personal phobias, James brings out some balloons that Alice Cooper generally avoids.

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  • Bianczi 5 years ago

    i love her ?

  • OBSIDIANdubstep 5 years ago

    had to google her, never heard of her before

  • Kyle Gleavey 5 years ago

    I hate how he puts the posh British accent on he does not normally sound
    like that

  • 123preech 5 years ago

    Wish he wouldn’t say ‘ass’ he is British so it’s ‘Arse’

  • Audrey Sollami 5 years ago

    I am deathly afraid of balloons!!

  • xPhan Editsx 5 years ago

    Why does James say ‘ass’ he’s from high Wycombe and so am I and we all say
    ‘arse’ ?

  • Chutsey 5 years ago

    Has any other none American born talk show host in America talked about
    having erections and finding their male celebrity guest hot and wanting to
    sleep with them? All in good jest but it seems not. I can somewhat envisage
    Conan doing so but this is why it seems lots of Americans find James very
    charismatic and likable.

  • ReadandWite 5 years ago

    Is she married to Alice ?

  • A Man 5 years ago

    Hahahahah! “I had such a ?” that’s some funny ?

  • David Drysdale 5 years ago

    Alice Cooper looks more and more like Sharlto Copley as each day passes


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