Paula Pell Pretended to Be a Police Officer After an Intense Road Rage Incident

Published on May 12, 2022

Paula Pell shares a story about the time she pretended to be a cop because a man aggressively yelled at her in Los Angeles traffic.

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  • David Lee 9 months ago

    That’s….. That’s a felony.

  • Berto1933 9 months ago

    But because she’s a white woman it’s on Seth Meyers getting giggles 🤭

  • steve conn 9 months ago

    A nice woman who as a writer called the SNL interns ‘dears’; glad she got to move in front of the camera.

  • Denis Ivanov 9 months ago

    2:08 artísticas son unos mikujava.Monster mamuchas y uno buen ejercicio.2:08 5:25 Se deja ver quev hay muy buenos resultados ❤

  • Koral Davis 9 months ago

    She would play a police officer. She may look cute and adorable but she’s a powerful woman

  • Edel Weiss 2.0 9 months ago

    Love this woman.

  • Stephanie Sharkey 9 months ago

    Love her!!!!

  • Michael Angelos 9 months ago

    A real police officer is watching this show.

  • healthy 9 months ago

    that is actually illegal (felony ) to say your a police if your not. You don’t need a badge or a retired police car. all you have to do is utter the words and you can be charged.

  • César Bügariní 9 months ago

    No road rage in the western states, it’s dangerous 😔🚗 like

  • Chris Cairns 9 months ago

    Furtleneck. Outstanding.

  • heyhabib 9 months ago

    I’m ashamed of myself. How have I never heard of her before? She’s fantastic. A quest for more starts from here.

  • Twilight Gardens presentations 9 months ago

    She just made a new word

  • Elle Kay Gee 9 months ago

    She knows your not supposed to impersonate a police officer, but she said what she said in the moment to get the guy to stop raging at her during their long drive. She didn’t “arrest” him or threaten him after that. She had no intent to defraud him so what she did was not the best thing, but she isn’t hiding it.

    PC 538 d states that “any person…who willfully wears, exhibits, or uses the authorized uniform, insignia, emblem, device, label, certificate, card, or writing, of a peace officer, with the intent of fraudulently impersonating a peace officer, or of fraudulently inducing the belief that he or she is a peace officer, is guilty of a misdemeanor”

  • Lisa B 9 months ago

    Is fecalize a word? 😂 Love it.


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