Paul Rudd Made A Fake ID That Listed The Height As 5’12”

Published on November 27, 2019

In high school, “Living With Yourself” star Paul Rudd created a fake ID that said his friend was 5’12” and to their surprise, it actually worked when they went to Florida for spring break. #Colbert #PaulRudd #SpringBreak

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  • Lydee Fizzy 2 years ago

    His role in Mute was definitely the villain and he played it brilliantly, I’d love to see him play more bad guys

  • Ganiscol 2 years ago

    What is the statute of limitations for ID forgery again? ?

  • Howie Thao 2 years ago

    I love Paul Rudd trying to prove he can get mad.

  • Igor Schmidlapp 2 years ago

    His next project is a soft-core show on Cinemax titled, “Playing With Yourself”… ;-P

  • Chris Cruz 2 years ago

    He was the most destructive villain ever in movie history when he put on Sex Panther to torture the world of media

  • Teo Swee Kin 2 years ago

    Bobby Newport never had a real job in his life.

  • mary jones 2 years ago

    the trend of not caring about one another, with or without the profanity, is what troubles me most. civility is being denigrated with greater frequency thanks in large part to trumputin’s example to the nation.

  • Helgali 2 years ago

    Paul Rudd’s aging process saying once again: not today.

  • FluffyHarmlessKitten 2 years ago

    100% thought it was going to be the clip he brings Conan every time.

  • Da Wolv 2 years ago

    The subtle art of not giving a fuck is a great book. Your censoring is the worst, just get rid of the FCC

  • tennis89insomniac 2 years ago

    I do own that book, regrettably. It wasnt really that good, either.

  • Justin Pipes 2 years ago

    Paul Rudd is my generation’s Steve Martin .

  • Ash White 2 years ago

    Why is this man so charming, funny and talented. Think I may be falling for him.

  • Dmytro Picky 2 years ago

    so they stole show idea from the Rick and Morty episode

  • Kimberley Searching 2 years ago

    I love that he’s 50 … so I don’t feel like a total perv for having a crush on the adorable Paul Rudd!! ?

  • Justin 2 years ago

    He has a great point about the hack profanity usage to appeal to modern “edgy” audiences.

  • Mycel 2 years ago

    as a european I find it strange how normal it seems to be for american teenagers to make fake ID’s… that’s a government document, faking it is a serious crime! even if you do it badly!

  • Daniele Di Lorenzo 2 years ago

  • Lidija Cullen 2 years ago

    That ID also identify him as male

  • Aman Kumar 2 years ago

    Where is the actual clip??? This one doesn’t seem right


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