Paul Rabil Gives Seth a Lacrosse Tutorial

Published on June 16, 2021

Professional lacrosse player, Paul Rabil talks about why he started a new lacrosse league and teaches Seth how to play lacrosse. 

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Te Jota Kane 11 months ago

    Yessir go cannons

  • Satyasya Satyasya 11 months ago

    EDIT: I figured it out… he’s hot but *he has a habsburg jaw!*

    I’m having the wierdest time right now. He’s hot, but at the same time, strange looking lol Also… seems a bit of a rich-boy d-bag if that makes sense :/
    Like he’s the kinda guy who is way nicer on a chat show than in private… like, scarily different…

  • A.d. 11 months ago

    I love lacrosse. Amazing sport. Gonna get my stick out again and I’m 36 😆

  • Samtex Semtex 11 months ago

    Awsome sport!

  • loveofevil666 11 months ago

    It would have been cooler if this guy talked about the History of Lacrosse instead of the business of Lacrosse. Saying the sport has been around for 20 years is incorrect and gives old fans and new fans a sense that this sport has JUST been “invented”.
    It would also have been cooler if you had one of the players from the Iroquois Nationals.

  • Lorenzo Doesn't Exist 11 months ago

    Hope you disinfected his seat after Wendy Williams.

  • MC WolfPack 11 months ago

    Yessir PLL is moving up in the ranks!!!!

  • Alex Macy 11 months ago

    Love it

  • T Wallace 11 months ago

    I’m disappointed he didn’t mention lacrosse origins. He talks like its a new sport. Lacrosse is literally over 1,000 years old and it wasn’t created by rich Europeans but Indigenous tribes of North America and Canada such as the Iroquois and Ojibwe.

  • Alec Pappas 11 months ago

    For the algorithm and the PLL.

  • ADRIAN CARLISLE 11 months ago

    🤔the whitest thing ive ever seen

  • Mike Marino 11 months ago

    for the algo #gtg

  • It’s Gmoney 11 months ago

    For the PLL


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