Patton Oswalt: Grieving In Public Is Therapeutic

Published on November 5, 2016

The comedian, returning to the stage for the first time after losing his wife Michelle, has found comfort in sharing his grieving process with the world.

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  • Marj Bugayon 3 years ago

    Everytime I hear Patton talking about his grief, I always tear up. This man
    is a legend, he’s dealing with so much but he still manages to make
    everyone laugh

  • Sci 3 years ago

    Did you know cowbells were invented by the Cows. Thats why always start
    with a Cowbell!!!

  • SoaringTrumpet 3 years ago

    Beautiful man, and beautiful approach to dealing with his grief. Thanks for
    sharing this publicly, Patton; I guarantee you’re helping more people than
    you probably realize with your insight and openness!

  • Dominic Milani 3 years ago

    This is like the interview with Joe Biden from the first week of the show.
    This is why Stephen is great, why his interviews can become something
    really open and natural.

  • RYK 3 years ago

    Oswalt is the man! Stay strong my friend.

  • FancyRamen 3 years ago

    I lost my father to suicide 5 months ago. The grief is overwhelming at
    times. Thank you for the advice Patton

  • Ashley Hogan 3 years ago

    Beautiful human being.

  • Girl Plays Games 3 years ago

    I lost my father 7 months ago. One of the things that has kept my chin up
    is that everyone goes through this type of grief at least once in their
    life. It’s a unifying factor of humanity. And now I feel like I’ve earned
    my place at the table of this life experience. I would give anything to
    have him back in my life. But as Patton said, I must continue to endure.

  • shal nilam 3 years ago


  • Steven Kane 3 years ago

    There was a solid minute of quotes and sound bites surrounding grief and
    remedy. And….

    I loved it. What another beautiful interview.

  • Jack Napier 3 years ago

    Mr. Patton Oswalt, your halloween costume with your daughter was just
    perfect. You are an amazing father and human.

  • Thomas Baxter 3 years ago

    Patton, thank you. And fsck the Dark Tower, even if its feelings are
    breached… I have the feeling it will repeat

  • OrcoDevelopment 3 years ago

    I think that “My Feelings” sign that lights up is probably bright orange.

  • SomeRandomDoctor 3 years ago

    Patton Oswalt is an amazing actor/comedian. Im happy to see him taking a
    chance returning to his comedy career.

  • saimcheeda93 3 years ago

    Poor fellow is so depressed

  • TsahayluFa 3 years ago

    Beautiful Interview.

  • BigDaddy Baltimore 3 years ago

    It doesnt matter what tragedy he goes through, he simple can’t help but
    make people laugh. Stay strong Patton.


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