Patti Smith Didn’t Expect a Viral Response to Her Instagram Photo with Keanu Reeves



  • missbennet10 3 years ago

    I could listen to her for hours …

  • Emanuel's Got Talent 3 years ago

    Old rocker woman style, so cute! xD

  • Essential Indigo 3 years ago

    Man or woman?

  • faith merciful 3 years ago

    Always watching from Philippines ??

  • BaiAnNa2014 Twitter 3 years ago

    Maybe some people will have time to check these out, enjoy other Fallon Tonight videos: 3min video: @jimmyfallon WINS Peoples choice Award!???????????? @DavidSpadeRules
    As Presenter ?

    bc you need to #scratchitharder lol ?

    @FallonTonight – Sometimes awful can surprise you #EnjoyTheRide

    Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon exchange pushing buttons, lol ?

    Noomi Rapace and Jimmy Fallon Struggle to keep serious
    I love her character in JACK RYAN – awesome movie series! I don’t think I saw them all. She killed the villain as he was just going to shoot Jack Ryan. Then she told Jack they had to split up, she had to go in hiding. And later Jack got hold of her to get the cell phone of this villain/murder for hire, and it was determined the one hiring him was probably the senator! That’s what’s really going on now! Watch this Tom Clancy series – what a thriller!

    Jimmy in Texas, Austin University
    My comment: Dinah won’t you blow, Dinah wont you blow, Dinah won’t you blow your horn….I never was allowed to practice my horn in the kitchen. LOL ? and even our beloved horses let me know they thought I had a medical emergency. Running around like crazy! Ha!

    How do you sing “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” in NYC? Watch the Jimmy Way @FallonTonight
         @theroots How do you sing “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” in NYC? Watch the Jimmy Way with a side order of hot diggity by The Roots!  @FallonTonight

    #MyFavorite – @FallonTonight
    Singing All I Want For Christmas Is You w @MariahCarey

    Lololololol! A woman and two peters impersonating PPMS…hah!

    Dolly Parton
    @DollyParton sings She’s An Eagle When She Flies

    Fallon Tonight
    Looks like he’s trying to put his thingy in a box like @AdamSandler’s brother – maybe spinoff of the Bobbit case, lol ? #WheresDick #WheresWaldo #RealityShmeality

    Kids Theater – they wrote the scripts! On @FallonTonight

    Jimmy introduces Jimmy and Jimmy likes Jimmy. ???❤? #HandsHigh #HighFive 

    For anyone as burned out by the Dog & Pony Impeachment Show as I am, you’ll enjoy this clip from @FallonTonight
    They #AimToPlease

    #CarFails stories shared with @FallonTonight

    #MyWorstCar stories shared by @FallonTonight

    @FallonTonight “I asked my dad if I could go to a 50cent concert and he said, Here’s $1, take your sister” ?

    @FallonTonight – Things you won’t hear in Star Wars with @JohnBoyega

    @jimmyfallon reviews Trump’s Instagram, and more on #FallonTonight

    Happy Thanksgiving
    “Thank you for the silverware starting with the fork” – that uncle Probably thought ‘fork you!’ #Hashtags

    @FallonTonight Jimmy recaps Thanksgiving ???♥??#HandsHigh? #HighFive?

    @FallonTonight – Things you won’t hear in Star Wars with @JohnBoyega 

    3min Thank yous for Thanksgiving by @FallonTonight

    @jimmyfallon announces #BTS as #MAMA2019

    Gives Tribute to #CyberMonday

    @FallonTonight – Bong Join Ho said “Let’s all go home” when he won big award for his film and was first Korean to win it. Find out why, LOL ?

    Musical Genre with ?❤♥?? @charlieputh
    ??♥❤? D r e a m y!

    @FallonTonight has Trumpty Dumpty toilet special, flushes 25gallons ea flush ??????

    “Storytime” with #RyanReynolds on @FallonTonight

    You may think this is a Game Of Thrones but “Rockefell is mine” says Lord Jimmy on @FallonTonight

    Downtown Sixby on @FallonTonight
    You must continue to watch Episode 2!

    Downtown Sixby Episode 2 on @FallonTonight
    “I’m terribly ? sorry, do you have ANY white wine?” She says….whoopy 

    #SNL Truth for Christmas ? #ItsAllRigged #PresidentsAreCrooks #ElectionsShmelections

    “Come fly with me” say @johnhamm
    On @FallonTonight

    4-min video of #BadGift LateNight Instagrams by @FallonTonight

    @higbones – multiply 25 toilets by 15 times each – they turn into toy-lettuce or something like that. #DoTheMath ? 

    Today is brought to you by impeaches n cream for Santa #HappyHolidays @FallonTonight

    @FallonTonight @Scottymechanic
    The Christmas Truth is: This is what happens when they didn’t get a HANDS HIGH shirt for Christmas like they expected! #EngineTrouble #HandsHigh #HighFive ?

    House Impeaches Trumpty Dumpty but that ain’t the half of it says the 91 yr old high school grad…?♿ @FallonTonight

        Seth Meyers commercial…
    @EltonJohn – #HotOffThePress, and I mean bench press 225lb by #SavingWillieMurphy says @SethMeyersHQ
    #HowPooDoYouDo #NoMoreTears but lotsa bruises for burglar

    @FallonTonight – What’s a comic strip? Are only comic strippers there? Hey, @higbones – you should know this! ?

    Noah B in new film #MarriageStoryNetflix

    @jimmyfallon explains why President Trump and @eddierock34 #EddieMurphy
    Have so much in common

    Make A Joyful Noise on Random Instruments and hopefully your ears will survive??????

    Interview with @GeorgeMcCay
    About his new film on WW1, 1917…he smashed it! Keep this on your must-see list!

    @FallonTonight making captions for the soul, lol

    work their magic free styling on @FallonTonight

    Will Smith tells @FallonTonight
    “I had a great run!” – and @JmmyFallon kids can’t wait to see what else is in store cuz they love him.

  • BRB Reverb 3 years ago

    love u

  • Nicole Ackermann 3 years ago

    Love Patti ♥️

  • BaiAnNa2014 Twitter 3 years ago

    @PattiSmithHCHSA and social networking on @FallonTonight
    Copy @Scottymechanic #Houston #ILoveTexas

  • ElsaMars 3 years ago

    A legend speaking! Listen fools

  • Amber Hayes 3 years ago

    Angel baby ???

  • Mike Jim 3 years ago


  • SebtownRx8 3 years ago

    Quick toss a coin to the Witcher and get this creature killed.

  • Alex B 3 years ago

    Who is she?

  • Rebecca Cable 3 years ago

    Patti doesn’t even look 50yrs old. If not for her grey hair she’d show no age. Wow

  • Edith Lazenby 3 years ago

    She is a treasure…..

  • praveen bhati 3 years ago

    Smith: He is a very good person
    Fallon: Ya ya we know that tell something else

  • Beavis Kapowski 3 years ago

    The way she talks….I love it.

  • Melissa 3 years ago

  • Marius Thefaker 3 years ago

    Patti meets Keanu… babbles like an idiot. Sandy comes to Patti in a dream later that night, “Thank you Patti, that’s exactly what I would have done…”

  • XHale FadeLife 3 years ago

    Still don’t know who tf this is…


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