Patrick Wilson Reveals the Scariest Scene He’s Ever Filmed in The Conjuring Franchise

Published on June 8, 2021

Patrick Wilson talks about working with his brother Paul Wilson on The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, his kids’ reactions to the film franchise and his experience attending a screening after theaters re-opened.

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  • Colin Booth 1 year ago

    Nice guy.

  • Poop NOODLE 1 year ago

    If you put him, Bob odenkirk and will arnette in the same room I would not be able to tell you who’s who

  • New Message 1 year ago

    Well.. now that I know that wasn’t CGI, I’ll never sleep again.

  • Anthony 1 year ago

    i love this dude

  • Iago 1 year ago

    He’s talking about my fellow Spaniard Javier Botet, really great horror film actor.

  • Prince 1 year ago

    His best role was in Watchmen

  • Zealotes the Aussie 1 year ago

    So anyhoo, I’m in town to see two classic comedians at the Comedy Mall on 57th and 9th. Their names are Bill Bellicheck and Tommi Lee-Jones. They’re both a total crack-up man. The new Richard Pryor and Bill Murray. Bill Bellicheck does this routine where he pretends to be an NFL coach who also works as a funeral director in the worst part of Detroit. Hilarious I know! He jokes about corpse-coverage and twilight zone-coverage and such as if it were an NFL game and laughs the whole time like a drain! Tommi does this routine called ‘No Country for Grumpy Old Dead Actors.’ It’s hilarious! He plays this whacky sheriff who does stand-up comedy at night in graveyards. I almost burst my sides when I first saw it! He wears a big red clown nose in his sheriff’s uniform and a Santa hat. A total clown, and he laughs all the time as well. If you’re feeling post-COVID depressed or just need a laugh, check out these two guys. You won’t regret it. They’re performing at the John Wilkes Booth Memorial Theatre run by the NRA. It’s a true theatre…..full of ghosts.

  • Aks KR 1 year ago

    Love Patrick..🥺💗

  • joythief 1 year ago

    The new movie kicks ass

  • Tonya Richards 1 year ago

    It’s relieving knowing his kids know religion is the funniest joke ever told.

  • Bea 1 year ago

    UGH he is so handsome and talented and hilarious, I just can’t with this guy!


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