Patrick Radden Keefe Turned Down Writing El Chapo’s Memoirs

Published on June 29, 2022

Author Patrick Radden Keefe talks about his book Rogues: True Stories of Grifters, Killers, Rebels and Crooks; El Chapo reaching out to him about writing his memoirs; and his writing technique for his books.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Eric Brett 7 months ago

    Nobody knows patty Ruben blah blah. Whom is this?

  • Guy Dudeson 7 months ago

    Smh don’t u know it’s famous writer Patrick rudeboy Queef the guy who didn’t write el chapos memoirs?

  • Barry Lyndon 7 months ago

    “I would like to think that what I did was to illustrate to the world the ability of any regular human being to push themselves to the limits and beyond, physically and mentally, because of some deeply felt belief.”

    “For it is not those who inflict the most but those who suffer the most who will conquer”
    Patrick Radden Keefe

  • Elaine Fitzsimons 7 months ago

    Patrick Radden Keefe’s podcast Wind of Change is worth checking out. Did the CIA write one of the biggest songs of the 90’s in Europe? Some fascinating interviews, even if the answer is not quite resolved.

  • New Message 7 months ago

    Great title, considering I initially thought the thumbnail was Dr. Oz.

  • Rachel C 7 months ago

    He seemed more relaxed than a lot of the authors who get interviewed but then I realized that if you’ve been interviewing dangerous people on the fringes of the law for over a decade, having a friendly chat with Seth Meyers is probably not so scary.


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