PART TWO: We Discuss Jana Kramer’s 24-Hour Rule for Her Marriage

Published on January 11, 2020

Real fam, would you be okay with giving your significant other 24-hours to admit they lied to you?

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  • Toui Thao 3 years ago

    I totally get Jeannie! Basically she is saying, when your “partner” lies to you, there is always a level of reason behind it ie; to protect you, lie for fun, white lies etc. And for whatever that reason may be, she’s taking a step further to just not confront the lie but to have her partner understand how a big or small of a lie can have effect on her- and that the true reason behind the lie should not justify the lie. I think this is wise for couples- but shes talking about lies for a couple’s relationship not for all people. IYKYK! Lol

  • B 3 years ago

    Y’all know what happened between Adrienne Israel and his kids? They used to be all
    Over each other’s IGs and now I barely see any interaction

  • Laoj Ais 3 years ago

    Whoever is in charge of this channel, stop cutting the video in half mid conversation and uploading part 2 a bloody day or two later. So annoying! Just upload the whole topic in 1 video it’s not that hard.

  • 2222babygirls 3 years ago

    Is Jeannie really trying to tell us there are some lies that are OK?

    Let me say this………a lie is a lie! It don’t matter if it’s big or small a white lie or a pitch black one. If I told you I’m going out tonight when actually I’m planning on staying home and eating pizza pockets and drinking cola or if you told me that you didn’t cheat on me last night with your home girl when I know for a fact you did. Doesn’t matter, which one it is. They are both a lie.

  • N LS 3 years ago

    adrienne looks good. but this top they got her in, can she breatheee? her chest is coming out the sides

  • tvbokor 3 years ago

    Who is the fifth lady? I miss the Fab Four…..

  • Hershey11 3 years ago

    Y’all is a bunch of retards if you can’t understand what Jeannie is saying. People this ain’t Rocket Science, y’all just need to know how to pay attention.

  • Isiah Walker 3 years ago

    The real, Reality Show – nah: lol

  • Giselle Medrano 3 years ago

    Omg they got a new table

  • Sarah Viana Reis 3 years ago

    Why being “truthful” is praised so much? I get you shouldn’t really tell lies that are only for your won benefit or detrimental to other, that should be the rule. But white lies can be prosocial. Why would you, for example, tell your grandmother that you only see once or twice a year that her cooking is bad? Why would tell your kids that their artsy vase they brought back from school is ugly? Everybody lies, including Jeannie! She should get off her higher horse…

  • Oho K 3 years ago

    I really didn’t get why Jeannie was talking about, lie blah blah lie and lying blah lies wtf seriously ?

  • Blue Merboy 3 years ago

    Mrs Bailon sit on my face

  • virgoslil 3 years ago

    I accept white lies. White lies meaning surprise parties, presents or lying about the price of something I bought so I don’t get in trouble ?

  • Sha 3 years ago

    Just stay away from Gemini men??‍♀️

  • Jane Dough 3 years ago

    Eh, I don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m not giving 24 hours to admit. Do that with your kids…. not a mate. We all know what we can deal with. The issue is whether one is ready to move on, if not… it’s pointless.

  • Anna Smith 3 years ago

    What Jeannie said was kind of weird. Why wait until someone lies before addressing what you will/will not stand for or what constitutes a lie for you? Why not address it earlier in the relationship

  • Sindi Sanchez 3 years ago

    ADRIENNE ????

  • Latoya Reneè 3 years ago

    I love the way Jeannie twist some people’s mind, her statements always get people to voice out their opinions and create a conversation among themselves??I love this

  • Saw Dust 3 years ago

    Jeannie Looks like Pocahontas ?

  • made with love vincygirl 3 years ago

    This new group combination is not working for me. Everyone appears to be faking it. Loni seems very uncomfortable. That is unfortunate because except for her attitude in the last 3 months, i thought they were great as a foursome and would have worked out their issues.


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