PART TWO: A Woman Passes Away After Waiting at an Emergency Room for Hours

Published on January 16, 2020

Real fam, what do you think needs to change in our health care system?

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  • Amy Kemp 3 years ago

    doubt they even checked her vitals. I live in Milwaukee, and I can tell you the wait times in the hospitals have been an issue for a long time, and this is unfortunately not shocking but is an inevitably.

  • Alex Ragland 3 years ago

    I really love Amanda’s energy with the group she fits well ??

  • Mommy Babs 3 years ago

    This is sad!! I was in a similar situation with my daughter for 2 weeks going back and forth to her pediatrician and the ER. They kept sending us home. Until one day, something more physical happened or showed up. They had to transport us to another hospital for a surgery that next morning. Come to find out, the surgery wasn’t the right thing for her. Thank God these doctors looked further. At 18 months, my baby was diagnosed with cancer in her pelvic area. Thank God she was able to fight it and win. Thanks to a local St Jude Affiliate. My baby is well and back to growing. Sad part is… I was turned down by so many local lawyers. Not one wanted to help fight after they heard my story. Fyi: most of the local lawyers in my area that deals with malpractice is not of color. Which I don’t see color… But looking into it. Made me feel that way. Especially with the first one I thought would have my back and decided not to work with me. The world is changing in a more clear way. I’m just blessed to have my baby girl! Mothers trust your intuition. Praying for everyone to get treated! I was her voice!

  • caramelcocoa234 3 years ago

    Are things gonna change?!??! Africa wake up. We can only protect our own by building our own

  • Chelsea Cheyenne 3 years ago

    Damn my hospital admitted me for a cough while pregnant. I live in Oregon tho

  • megaomega13 3 years ago

    the doctors cant apologize because that is viewed as admitting fault legally

  • Jonathan Blitted Torres 3 years ago

    This is why I hate hospitals. They only care for you if your about to die . In my hospital they have a sign saying they understand the wait to get check but there are people who is life and death need to get check fast. Smh

  • Adrienne Kennedy 3 years ago

    All the more reason we need Andrew Yang in the White House. Humanity First!!!!

  • Bring back the Plague 3 years ago

    YouTube just stop!! 139k views is not trending. Stop pushing your diversity agenda.

  • Lafreda Elliott 3 years ago

    hell, loni could be an engineer if she fell off cause she has a degree in that field. Tamera also has a degree. lol so them two are covered.

  • Jazlyn McRavin 3 years ago

    This could have been me with pneumonia. I set in the waiting room for hours. I couldn’t walk, breathe, or talk but people kept getting called back before me.

  • Trameka Veal-Walker 3 years ago

    My prayers goes out to her family, this is so sad, she knew that was a different feeling and she tried to get help at the place she was suppose to be, and they failed her, a better system needs to be put in place at all emergency rooms for different diagnoses, all patients with chest pain should be taken back immediately for vitals and ekg, the results would have shown she was in distress and threatening a heart attack, she could have been saved. I had a cousin that went to the emergency room for chest pains, and they sent him home with zantac, his diagnosis was indigestion, he didn’t have insurance, well he died the next day at home, autopsy report confirmed heart attack .

  • J L 3 years ago

    They don’t take women in general seriously, women are looked at as “hysterical” to these Male doctors

  • southern4comfort4real 3 years ago

    Look, training wheels off…a Black person who stays in America must accept, it requires an underclass. Guess what? IT’S you. Be thankful for organizations that aren’t biased, be thankful for change but most systems/people are biased AGAINST Black & sumtms Brown. Enjoy your money in America. It’s the heartbeat of that place.

  • Online TV 3 years ago

    Love this message! Thanks ladies for keeping it real

  • David Pratt 3 years ago

    Medicare for all now! Bernie 2020

  • Sha Wor 3 years ago

    PLEASE talk about racial discrimination, abuse in the work place (patient abuse and staff abuse) drunk patients doing “beer runs” leaving a facility coming back drunk/high and abusing nursing staff and charge nurses WHO ALLOW THIS TO GO ON IN ARIZONA !!!!

  • Mystic Phoenix 3 years ago

    MURICA! your healthcare system is a joke, I dunno how u guys claim to be the best country blah blah blah when you can’t even look after your own. Pathetic really.

  • Coya Darling 3 years ago

    I live in Jamaica and my little sister died in my mother’s arms in the emergency room because someone “checked” her vitals and her case wasn’t “emergent”.

  • mariel ivana 3 years ago

    Pretty sure John Oliver did a whole thing about how women’s symptoms aren’t taken seriously


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