PART TWO: A 6-Year-Old Arrested

Published on February 27, 2020

Real fam, what do you think of this child being arrested?

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  • ayan Nuur 3 years ago

    America problems 😂

  • Dorn Weaver II 3 years ago

    Y’all hens are so drama

  • Joanna Padilla 3 years ago

    Thia is just bullshit she’s a damn 6yr old this is outrageous this is unnecessary everyone knows how 6yr olds are no excuse

  • Magister Czopka 3 years ago

    This got recommended to me. First time ever seeing this show or these woman but I BET they’re all feminist xD

  • reina20two 3 years ago

    Also, comparing this to Tamir Rice is wrong. Tamir was playing outside like a normal kid. This little girl was acting out and hitting people.

  • Mark Jones 3 years ago

    Those kids are superpredators.

  • Karie Moody 3 years ago

    Mess with my kids and I’ll go 50 shades of crazy on you.

  • B. Glam 3 years ago

    Do this to my child and Oh I’m going to jail!then they gonna let me out and put me right back in. How dare you arrest a 6 year old. She’s 6 years old! My daughter in first grade gave this kid a black eye, because her father told her don’t let anyone touch your hair. That’s your crown and other kids may have lice etc. And then he told her if anyone hits you tell the teacher but if they don’t stop boop them. This little boy kept touching her braids and she says she told the teacher but the kid wouldn’t stop so she took out her umbrella and hit him. Did my child get arrested no, they called me right away, And suspended her for one day. That cop is another kind of stupid.

  • Geo BignTall 3 years ago

    What did this little girl do wrong?

  • Kat Rabbit 3 years ago

    Ever thought maybe you’re the ones brainwashed?

  • Ninasky Antonioli 3 years ago

    Shame on the school and officer for arresting a 1st grader.

  • DawsonEdiger 3 years ago

    This idiot really gonna bring up race in this??? Bruh.

  • Free Way 3 years ago

    The Rice story is so fucked up

  • Jesus Christ 3 years ago

    Blame the teachers union this is their policy. Imagine what this kid does to other children. I’m sure her parents are raising her right.

  • corbin dallas 3 years ago

    To play devil’s advocate… What do you say to the parents that say another kid is making their’s unsafe?

  • ItsWednesday MyDudes 3 years ago

    Im sorry but Your kid cant be punching and hitting people . The cops used plastic zipties to detain her and prevent her from hurting anyone else caus cleary she cant control her behaviour. This is just how the police are trained to deal with the situation. These talk show hosts just hate cops in general you can tell by the tone.

  • Susan Coronado 3 years ago

    This is simply not ok. That poor baby!! My heart goes out for her and her parents. The school 100% needs to be held accountable. What is wrong with people????she is 6, she is a baby.

  • nia218 3 years ago

    My brother got a week of detention for spilling milk and being too afraid to tell the teacher. If I can post the slip, I would. He was only in kindergarten.

  • JustRobin2009 3 years ago

    Best quote is the one at 1:00: “We do not let black children be children.” Absolutely right! And children sometimes misbehave and throw tantrums. These are NOT felonies.

  • Journal Wright 3 years ago

    This school needs to be held accountable and some heads need to roll. Lawsuit time against the school and the police.


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