Part 2 – Jon Stewart Takes The Colbert Questionert

Published on September 28, 2021

Witness the thrilling conclusion of Stephen Colbert’s deep psychological probe into the mind of Jon Stewart in Part 2 of The Colbert Questionert, and don’t miss the premiere of Jon’s new show, “The Problem with Jon Stewart,” this Thursday on Apple TV+. #Colbert #TheColbertQuestionert #JonStewart

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  • New Message 2 years ago

    “.. some of the things you find on the beach.”

    That’s Tony… yeah, he’s pretty ripe.

  • D.M.A. 2 years ago

    Close to the Edge …

  • avedic 2 years ago

    Favorite smell?
    “The beach.”
    Oh wow….very good answer. No explanation needed. Is it at night? Or the day? The beach itself? Or that faint smell a good mile from the beach….as you get closer to it. Yes.
    And I’m not even a beach person…or summer person.
    I like cold, winter, snow…forests. Places where you don’t sweat even though you’re wearing nothing much at all.

  • Ginrou 2 years ago

    are we gonna find out in a few months that jon stewart is a total drugged-out wreck, just playing off at being eccentric now, similar to how john mulaney was on seth meyer’s?

  • yeliab 2 years ago

    Im surprised to see John S. back on the show so soon. Last time didnt go so well.

  • sciencebunny 2 years ago

    I love how the longer this questionert goes, the more bleeping happens

  • Caper. here 2 years ago


  • Wayne Riley 2 years ago

    What is that stain on his right shoulder? Was this a new shirt?

  • Snowman Gaming 2 years ago

    my song to listen to would have to be low energy as that fits more situations than high energy, but i also like musical symmetry, so probably “Daft Punk ft. Julian – Instant Crush”

  • Michael Scot 2 years ago

    These 2 together are a recipe for smiles.
    Action movie: 5th Element

  • Rafael Black 2 years ago

    That people is a brilliant comedian that has been home for too long

  • Alexcia Lynne 2 years ago


  • JD Richard 2 years ago

    Love these guys

  • Kev L 2 years ago

    o boy is it obvious that john doesnt give a fuck about this segment or the late show

  • Lynne Smith 2 years ago

    so, after John Mulaney I feel like I may be looking for it… Is it just me, or does it seem like he’s on drugs? I’m not saying he definitely is, just definitely acting like it.

  • Jill Bates 2 years ago

    Steven won the aerate debate


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