Overtime with Bill Maher: Trump Press, Civil Rights (HBO)

Published on November 12, 2016

Bill and his guests – Eric Holder, John Legend, Ana Marie Cox, David Axelrod, Thomas Friedman and Trae Crowder – answer viewer questions after the show.

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  • John Doe 4 years ago

    Eric Holder was running assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels that were
    used to murder innocent people. You know how many people were disciplined
    for that in the ATF? Zero. And the liberal media wonders how Trump kicked
    their ass this election…

  • Jake Williams 4 years ago

    This is terrifying…for the prospects of our country. These self-satisfied
    lunatics haven’t learned A THING from this election. On the contrary,
    they’re doubling and tripling down. At this rate, we should all prepare
    ourselves for a 50-state sweep for Donald Trump in 2020 (maybe a little
    less than that depending on much of this country will be under water by

  • killustrator 4 years ago

    John Legend sucked. He doesn’t get it. He went on with the same aimless
    race-card argument where white people hate “people of color”. It’s time to
    get real and stop hiding behind easy excuses to dismiss people. He hasn’t
    learned anything and he stole time from that comedian who came on and it’s
    a shame. He was making good points. It was like “here’s a guy who can
    relate to the people who voted trump in” and John legend just shoved his
    way in and completely ignored the entire white population of the country.
    It’s time to wake up.

  • davedunlap77 4 years ago

    Any idiot who attempts to defend the Trump presidency with any measure of
    seriousness is a TRAITOR TO AMERICA. Period. Trump is a Russian Puppet and
    the fools that elected him will be held responsible

  • Pu Kway 4 years ago

    Never seen so many ahole at one table.

  • KC Nwaneri 4 years ago

    Millions of job better start rolling in within 2 years, Republicans.

  • Rodney Harpe 4 years ago

    Not a word about Bernie and how DNC screwed him.

  • Nathan Warrington 4 years ago

    I hoped Bill would address people on what the Democrats & supporters did
    wrong & not blaming everyone else. They blamed Bernie or Bust when they
    refused to accept an actual stolen, corrupt primary for Hillary, blame
    James Comey when the FBI investigated her, blame Wikileaks & the Russians
    for all the fucked up stories.

    It’s time the Democrats and supporters looked at themselves, and instead of
    calling him names like you have the whole election joking and mocking
    people who support him, why not ask how you didn’t convince the same people
    that voted for Obama to vote for Hillary.

    And all that anger and rage you have, instead of denouncing the elected
    President why don’t you place that anger on the DNC for putting you in that
    situation, hold them accountable for giving you the worst candidate.

    And fuck Bill Maher on his bullying of the coal workers telling them to get
    a real job, and saying that all the Trump supporters are deplorable
    racists, he takes part, as well as bias media in divide the nation further,
    I’ve never seen him more out of touch in his Hollywood Liberal bubble.

    If there all racist as well, explain the blue states that voted Obama in
    2008 & 2012 turning red, there were even states that turned back red since
    Bill Clinton was in office & you think they want to lynch black people then
    your fucking stupid.

  • Mysteria 5 4 years ago

    Well Trump supporters, since you wanted him to be president, you got your
    wish. I hope you’re all happy now that you chose someone who will screw you
    and everyone else over. F*ck giving Trump a chance. At this point he’s a
    chance that should’ve never been taken. For all who voted Trump, this is on
    your heads now. You filled that trash bag. Now you take it out.

  • Ryland Ford 4 years ago

    I loved watching Bill sweat through this entire process with anxiety.

  • Jack Burton 4 years ago

    Ignore the failed policies, and the corruption. Just call everyone racists
    and sexists. You people refuse to learn.

  • Char Aznable 4 years ago

    These people are so far up their ass that they can’t even criticize their
    own party or won’t admit how unbearable fucking trash the left has
    become,Sam Harris was right the left has become toxic.

  • wood4146 4 years ago

    Whelp it’s official, the dems have learned nothing. They’re already
    preparing Chelsea to run for office. It’s hard to believe the democratic
    party once stood for something. Now, it’s just a steaming pile of corrupt
    shit, where they all seem content, living in a bubble, circle jerking each
    other into oblivion.

  • MRG ENT PLC 4 years ago

    Friedman is GOLDEN as usual. What an observation he has made *FIRST TIME IN
    THE HISTORY : both kjb and fbi rooted for the same person, ie., Trump*
    *HATE THAT BLACK person who used to be my AG* !! FUKK Eric Holder

  • thejunkface 4 years ago

    “FBI is 80% white men” No one cares MTV lady…

  • rahn45 4 years ago

    Still blaming the Russians and the racists for the loss? Maybe the one you
    should be blaming is Hillary and the DNC for losing millions of voters from
    the previous election.

  • Aron Kovacs 4 years ago

    Trump is called a russian puppet because he refuses to go head on against
    Russia as Clinton would’ve.

  • Jason Krug 4 years ago

    People love saying Democrats learned nothing. This shit literally just
    happened, you gotta wait to play that card. Republicans got smacked around
    by Obama both times, learned nothing, and that was 8yrs. They still haven’t
    learned, because Trump beat both Republicans and Democrats.

  • Vitaly Gurevich 4 years ago

    Fuck you all. You are the reason Trump won. Get out of your bubble.

  • AlfaPegasii 4 years ago

    Except Trump can reverse Obama’s waterboarding decision with the flick of a


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