Overtime with Bill Maher: Clinton’s Cabinet, Sexual Predators, Stupid Media (HBO)

Published on November 5, 2016

Bill and his “Real Time” panelists – Martin Short, David Frum and former Gov. Jennifer Granholm – answer viewer questions after the show.

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It’s HBO.

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  • 72marshflower15 2 years ago

    **Trump I$ Treason

  • goku8621 2 years ago

    I fucking hate the false equivalency you have an orange asshole that could
    destroy the very fabric of democracy or you have someone that deleted

  • Ben Johnson 2 years ago

    The real danger of Trump is not just if he wins if He loses he will start
    the second civil war.

  • sLy Goose77 2 years ago

    yes lets reach across the aisle to the fuck up republicans who do nothing
    but screw over americans and obstruct democracy its time to bury them

  • Diego 787b 2 years ago

    Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund both the Clintons and ISIS. How does this not
    disqualify her? Its sad that if it would be a republican taking 8 figures
    from Saudi Democratic hacks like Maher would finally give a fuck

  • Krissy Patterson 2 years ago

    I came for Martin Short.

  • Raxus Prime 2 years ago

    Can you guys please stream live to youtube? I understand you make money
    from HBO, but this show is great and it would awesome to watch live, plus
    you wouldn’t be limited by time streaming to the internet.

  • Nature Boy 2 years ago

    Oh good, HRC wants to fill posts with Republicans. Anyone else think
    there’s only one party in DC?

  • sousabone 2 years ago

    why shouldn’t she feel her cabinet with the best people, why does it have
    to be 50% women

  • endfite 2 years ago

    4 old farts can’t understand how millennials think…. shocking!

  • Nathan Warrington 2 years ago

    Regardless of this election, it’s definitely a 1 term president taking

  • louMacNtire 2 years ago

    What’s wrong with hiring the best people for the job regardless of gender?
    You want more women in office because they’ll vote for better child
    support? Well that’s exactly what we got in Canada with Trudeau who thought
    gender discrimination benefited his cabinet, parents now get $5400-$6400
    per kid every year. How the fuck is that a good thing? We’re now
    encouraging every fucking bum to have kids at a time when our planet needs
    less people to survive.

  • AFractionOfInfinity 2 years ago

    actually he said “because it’s 2015” american idioth I-D-I-D-O-T-H

  • Ioganstone 2 years ago

    This episode was such a fail. The emails contained nothing? 3 Top secret,
    100 classified at the time, 2000 classified. The rest of the show was
    debunked MSM claims and gender quotas. What hasn’t been debunked – Haiti,
    Wikileaks bribes, Classified emails on server, DNC collusion, globalism,
    Warhawk, lying about TPP etc

  • saintcruzin 2 years ago

    Dr. Jill Stein is the better women…

  • MatticusPrime1 2 years ago

    I’m disappointed there was no discussion about the Dakota pipeline standoff

  • Le LoSa 2 years ago

    now Real Time is just one more sell out…SAD

  • Potaka79 2 years ago

    You don’t have paid parental leave in the U.S…Wow. That’s right you
    Americans think the government are always trying to steal your
    taxes…Universal Health.

  • tinytanks 2 years ago

    I like Martin Short’s point at the end about fining news organizations that
    report lies. We fine every other kind of organization, even the banks. Fine
    them to hell.

  • Lobos222 2 years ago

    More Women! YEAHHHH big applause and lack of thinking or focus on issues.
    Listen people. The kind of Women Hillary will put in place are females like
    Wasserman Schultz or Donna Brazile. It wont be the Women you would like to
    see like maybe Elizabeth Warren or similar for important office. Hillary
    picked the WORST person has her VP… Not saying you should vote for Trump,
    but ffs lets keep the BS PR points that add nothing out of it. This notion
    that a candidate being female or male is more important than their
    standpoint on the issues is asinine.


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