Overtime: Salman Rushdie, Gina McCarthy, Barney Frank, Linette Lopez, Noah Rothman | Real Time (HBO)

Published on September 28, 2019

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.

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  • Andrew Jason 2 years ago

    Trump is a great president who has achieved in 2.5 years what liberals couldn’t in 8. This clip is the usual desperate hit job on POTUS 45. The left is truly unhinged. ……

  • Some Entitlement issues 2 years ago

    It’s not hard to imagine how trump can profess winning while playing the victim card. It goes something like ‘I’m the bestest president ever and the fake news still hates me, fuck them corrupt assholes, vote for me’ – durrrr

  • John Johnson 2 years ago

    Oh..No! The Old Corrupt Queer Jewish Elmer Fudd doesn’t dig Trump. I’m sure Donald gives a Fuck.

  • John Johnson 2 years ago

    Oh..No! An Old Bulldyke Mick doesn’t dig Trump. What a Loss.

  • Adrienne Bolles 2 years ago

    This week Bill was over the top hateful towards a group and last week it was fat people very vitriolic.

  • Davin Baker 2 years ago

    2:25 answer should have been Andrew Yang.

  • Walt Schmidt 2 years ago

    An ENTIRE STAGE full of assholes….WOW… IT’S usually only dipshit Maher and one or two other assholes..

  • Tsnore 2 years ago

    Rushdie is correct – atavism does not translate to the present well nor does it reflect a large slice of truth.

  • Last Guy Minn 2 years ago

    Wow, Gina McCarthy, there’s no difference between the plans from from the various Dem rivals? Way to dodge the question. The plans have been weighed by the scientific community, and establishment hacks like Biden clearly are trying to walk a line between saving the planet and appeasing their fossil fuel donors.

  • Silverfox 2 years ago

    It’s kinda sad to see them get so close and yet noone says it.
    Biden has no answers, no policies and no populism, while Bernie has literally everything on his side except the establishment.
    The way to defeat a right wing fake-populist is with true left wing populism, not with milktoast centrism/incrementalism.

  • Adolph Espinoza 2 years ago

    Barney Frank is such a political hack cock sucking motherfuker

  • Jerry Miller 2 years ago

    Salman Rushdie and Noah are the most Right of the spectrum guests on the panel, and they are the ONLY with cogent arguments with actual points and citations. Bill and the rest of his guests this week ( and most) are just multimillionaires who are mad that Trump is steering the “ship”, though it has NO impact on THEIR life whatsoever!

  • Ms. Moses 2 years ago

    He wasn’t an Indian, Bill!! You know why? Because he was not from INDIA!!! ??

  • Sean M 2 years ago

    Glad they brought up the “inequality” report, and was funny to watch them completely not comprehend it. This is the issue the leftists don’t understand. The more wealth you have, the more unequal it will be. The mechanism that creates the wealth (competition/innovation) is also the mechanism that creates the inequality since competition results in winners and losers. If you get rid of the free market and have the economy tightly controlled by The State, yes you’ll eliminate inequality, but you’ll also eliminate wealth creation. Leftists seem to be happier living in squalor as long as everyone does it equally than have everyone live in varying levels of comfort.

    Leftists are always very happy to talk about the redistribution of wealth. What none of them have any idea about is how to create wealth in the first place. Once you’ve “redistributed” all the wealth currently created and don’t know how to make any more, the system collapses. The State (which at this point has totalitarian control) sees the situation collapsing and rather than admit they’re wrong implements draconian policies demanding total obedience and denying basic civil rights. But of course, these Orwellian measures are always depicted as being for “the greater good”. However, because they refuse to correct their mistakes (because totalitarians are always absolutely convinced they’re right) the system continues to spiral down until it collapses completely.

    Smaller nations have managed to go through this cycle without massively de-stabilizing the world because the larger nations bail them out. When the USA does it (and we will!) it is going to cause a worldwide economic disaster that can only be described as apocalyptic.

  • MrCamp 2 years ago

    The notion that the median income has gone up as a counter to the widest income inequality gap in 50 years can only possibly work on stupid people. When the high end of a statistical range moves up, the median moves up. Duh! If you have a range of 0-90, the median is 45. But if the bottom of the range stays at 0 and the top goes to 100, the median moves to 50 by doing nothing for the bottom and adding more to the top. Maybe I’m a starry-eyed idealist but the electorate can’t be that stupid to where that statistic can be a counter argument.

  • AriaMehr 2 years ago

    Liberals haven’t hated America this bad Since Lincoln free their slaves.

  • viido polikarpus 2 years ago

    When the “median” is mentioned, they should take into account that the upper earners are earning hundreds of times more than their workers which brings the median income level to false highs. They should eliminate the bottom 10 percent of earners and the top 10 percent earners, and you would have a much more accurate representation of median income.

  • Brian Johnson 2 years ago

    You know what they say about Camelot?

    It’s just a model.

  • HavocValour 2 years ago

    Median income:

    If you have a room of 20 people and one of them earns $1million annually, and nineteen earn $0 annually… the median income amongst that group is $50,000 annually. Sounds good right.

    Pretty easy to gloss over the part about 95% of the people earning nothing at all.

  • daroe23 2 years ago

    Median income is high because the Few at the top are getting even more insanely fucking rich.


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