Overtime: Richard Reeves, Maggie Haberman, Fareed Zakaria | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)



  • tsocanuck 5 months ago


  • Jasmine Crandall 5 months ago

    We didn’t get here in a vacuum. The people were pushed in this direction.

  • FredRedFrred 5 months ago

    Toxic masculinity is misandry…

  • Lewi Egan 5 months ago

    I really think the only republican that’s tough enough and popular enough to beat him for the nomination would be De Santis. He’s very popular in the south and mid west among republicans and moderates in those regions. Which are heavily republicans. Most of his popularity is based off the decisions during Covid and even pulled liberal democrats from the North East to Florida and has been one of the main states along with Texas that Western moderates moved a year after the pandemic because of the policies.

  • David Nash 5 months ago

    Is Maggie saying that Biden (well, his handlers) didn’t put in place people who would do his bidding? But that’s ok. Look at what the last 2 years have been like for us.
    If Trump had been elected in 2020, he would have done exactly what Biden did.

  • dafttool 5 months ago

    Trump has ALWAYS been a shitshow

  • Marv-N T 5 months ago

    Why should anyone vote Democrat? Every week Bill Maher goes on and on about what’s wrong with the Democratic party. As a result, you can’t help but have negative feelings about Democrats. You see you never hear a Republican speak ill of the party. From Trump to Roy Moore, to Hershel Walker, Republicans never step out of line or speak ill of the party. And if they do, they are ousted and given the name of “RINO.”

    Why vote for the team if you have no confidence in the team? It’s not enough to talk about doom and gloom because for many it’s not inspiring enough to get people to the polls. People don’t care until it happens to them but at that point, it’s too late.

    All those Democrats who feel that progressives have gone too far must realize that the very things immigrants love and come to America for are the results of progressives who were not content with the way things were.

    It was a progressive who took it too far and said America could be free. It was progressives who believed slavery should be abolished in America. It was progressives who said women should have the right to vote. It was progressives who said segregation was wrong. And it was progressives who said that you should love who you want to love. At every one of those momentous moments in American history, it took someone saying America could be better. They sh*t Bill says that liberals talk about America is because there is still work to do. Bill can sit from his ivory tower and speak from his point of view because he’s never been on the ground doing the work to keep the needle where it is nor move the needle forward.

    Rights will be lost if Republicans gain and maintain power. We have seen Roe being overturned. And the way these originalists who sit on the Supreme Court view the Constitution, Jewish people, women, ethnic minorities, and the LGBT community will lose their rights. Then will all these immigrants who are so tired of Democratic policies risk life and limb to get here? If those people have their way, the only immigrant they will have in America are Europeans, so people like Fareed would be out. And those who purport replacement theory would love to see the Brown & Loving decisions overturned.

  • Prooveditt 5 months ago

    A president wanting people in positions to do as he says? How preposterous! He should be jailed just for that. Feel like I’m watching children talk politics. Who tried to suppress free speech with a disinformation agency. Talk about pick and choose your facts, no wonder Dems don’t want to debate

  • Romeo Foxtrot 5 months ago

    Watch out for the red wave next week, and enjoy Twitters new free platform. Isn’t life great? 😅
    Bill and Nancy won’t matter then.

  • John Crocker 5 months ago

    So you’re saying that the Democrats won’t have anything to offer that would unite enough of the country to clearly deny the opposition.

  • ThirdEyeMind 5 months ago

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Party bosses shouldn’t be allowed to pick the nominees. Primaries are key in this system, it reveals what constituents really want.

  • Peter Hausmann 5 months ago

    Why don’t you want to understand the difference between masculinity and toxic masculinity. To much people are not able or willing to recognize the complexity of things.

  • Voigt465 5 months ago


  • Tyrant 5 months ago

    That way that Fareed paused and didn’t go along with Maher about Fetterman shows his rank partisanship.

  • Robert Houston 5 months ago

    What is the Republican going to do with all these babies in the hospital they don’t believe in medicine so what do the Republican believe in the devil

  • Chris Variell 5 months ago

    Why is the President impeachable but Congress is without reproach.

  • Kehua 5 months ago

    TRUMP – Has allowed Ukraine to be invaded talks about war with Russia, Fuel prices are way high, Inflation is going way high, Taliban back in power, COVID lies are coming out. No wait all of this was under the DEMS

  • Kirk the Jerk 5 months ago

    These people hate Trump so much. Have they totally forgotten the tyranny most of us have lived under the last two years?


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