Overtime: Matt Schlapp, Noah Rothman, Jonathan Alter, Michael Steele, Mary Katharine Ham (HBO)



  • Fernando Hernandez 2 years ago

    Why the fuck does Bill hack Maher always invite all this right wingers and centrists to his show

  • NatKK 2 years ago

    He wants to build the wall, yet entire Trump family employed an undocumented Mexican immigrants at their private hunting retreat/hotels.

    The right likes to accuse the left of “Trump derangement syndrome.” People like McInnes from ”Proud Boys” suggest that that labeling is another pretty big case of projection. Based upon the description, there are other words that would more accurately describe them, although “boys” would precisely describe their demonstrated maturity level. Any man who is so overly concerned about defining their masculinity appears to be rather insecure about it. After watching Gavins act I am sickened. I find he seems to live in one dimension and that dimension is how he projects his fantasies onto the lives of others. This is also combined with a lack of critical thinking. Why does Gavin get to decide what is the correct amount of masculinity a “man” or boy should have? Why do I or anyone else have to live up to Gavin’s standards? Why does a woman have to have a certain length of hair for Gavin to be happy? Poor Gavin has a great many concerns for a man his age. I feel sorry for him. What a waste of energy it is running around concerning yourself with the lives of others. Gavin is the poster boy for Agrressive Mediocrity. He presents no new ideas, just rehashed nonsense dressed in premium denim. He is the intellectual equivalent of an early aughts Vice magazine. He is a sentient vape pen. He is what happens when an artisanal mayonnaise store and a 1950s Sears & Roebuck’s catalogue have a man-baby. His obscene thirst to be made relevant is so incredibly boring and sad. Someday soon he will be whisked away to whatever lame Bigot Limbo Richard Spencer has been hiding out in the last year or so and everyone will forget about him.
    Trump will eventually share the same fate, but the damage left behind will be enormous.

    Trump is all about the imagery, the performance, the presidency reduced to a mere reality show. For an audience that doesn’t inform itself, doesn’t pay attention to details — namely, his loyal base — he doesn’t need to be tough but only appear to be. His swagger and his strut seem to work on 35% of the electorate or so. We cannot forget why Trump does anything. It’s to make money and lots of it. His blunders regarding trade are of little interest to him as is most of the business of the presidency. He plays a game of president while trying to set himself up for personal profits. He never went a stone’s throw away from his businesses and he intends to keep it that way. And as a true criminal, he is not afraid of being caught because his con man act works, still, on far too many people.

    What about the actual, concrete, real-world results of Trump’s presidency? Even worse than what any other Republican would have accomplished. Tax cuts for billionaires and corporations, environmental deregulation, and hundreds of law-school dropouts appointed as judges in order to enact new regulations over women’s bodies.

    Endless wars, which democrats warned republicans about. But the pottery barn problem still exist. Once we went in, broke apart Iraq, other problems ensued. if we leave now ISIS will return, terrorism will spread. Trump can’t decide what to do, because he changes his mind five times a day, depending on who he is talking to – we leave Syria and then the next day, we stay.
    The economy has been on the repair for 9 years. Trump just inherited an economy hitting its stride, along with a nonsensical tax cut. Still the results are less than spectacular. 3% is good, but we’ve seen 4% under Clinton and 2.9% under Obama. But now other issues loom, Brexit, expanded trade war with China.. and 400 manufacturing jobs is hardly a boom, and much of that will reverse when lords town factory closes. He has zero understanding of economics, and thinks a trade war with China is smart and “easy to win.”

    All the supposed economic “benefits” of Trump’s tariffs have been used (and more) to pay farmers for the soybeans they couldn’t sell to China. Those soybeans, currently in storage, will likely never be sold; fated to be plowed under as fertilizer. Why? Because as I write a huge crop of soybean are currently being grown (in response to our tariffs),in the Southern Hemisphere where its summer; e.g. Brazil.
    Thus even if the tariffs are removed, the market for soybeans will be so low as to make U.S. soybean sales unprofitable. So thanks to Trump a vibrant U.S. soybean export industry probably be wiped out. MAGA!

    Also, Trump supporters look at strong job market, stock market and feel that he is doing a good job? Most of his supporters do not participate in this economy- they are waiting for the old coal/manufacturing jobs that are never coming back. The GOP is bereft of any good ideas, other than talking up war, praise for dictators etc. They diss young politicians like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez for her New Green Deal or other big ideas because they are too afraid to talk to their supporters about the changing world. Weather AOC’s plans become law or part of it does, great leaders talk up vision for their country. Trump & the GOP have no ideas and talk up hot air! They lose in the long run because of this!

    We won’t even talk about our fractured relationships with our allies. I would have thought republicans care about how he’s alienated allies and cozied up to enemies. North Korea has turned out to be a total failure so far. Trump got played by Kim. It was Kim’s strategy from the beginning,he has gained prestige he didn’t have. Kim knows Trump is a fool who can be easily bought with flattery.

    And Trumptards still parroting :”Trump is stable genius” and ”4D chess”. Good God.

    He constantly lies, watches TV all day, and lashes out at anyone and everyone as if he were 5 years old. We are doomed.

    It’s too bad that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is no longer taught in American schools because Twain’s characters of the Duke and the King anticipate the outrageous con man, Donald Trump, who cannot be shamed however egregiously he lies (the inaugural crowd) and steals (Trump University and Trump Foundation). Even his racism (“There are good people on both sides”) is anticipated in the novel. But even Twain would have thought that electing the Duke or the King to the Presidency of the United States would be too unbelievable for his readers. The Republican voters have been conned by Trump because, as with all con men, he has found their weak spot, their fear of losing their privileged position in American society to Hispanic hordes bringing crime and disease and taking away their livelihood. That’s why they will never abandon him and the Republican members of Congress know it.

    Obama was in no way perfect, no one is, but he never spread utter lies every day, he didn’t offend individual people, leaders or entire social groups, what Trump does daily on twitter, at rallies, during speeches. Obama didn’t undermine data of our government agencies, attacking the free press when they try to hold president responsible for the truth. Trump attacks media daily, spreads hatred. He gives an example to all legions of conservatives, who adopted the same ultra-aggressive tactics . Trump based his entire 2015/16 campaign on insults and hatred, these are facts – after all, he regularly insulted the leaders of the Republican party. And they ultimately fell on their knees before him. Trump is a synonym of contempt that NYT wrote about. So how are we going to reconcile, in this situation, if this man was chosen as our leader and shows contempt for the rest of America every day, apart from his cultists? A few years ago, I didn’t hate the Republicans so much, I could talk to them. Why? Because there was no Trump insulting other side/our leaders daily on twitter&everywhere he goes. Trump is an extreme, an absolute horror that has radicalized two sides.

    The only solution that will begin the path to reconciliation and way forward is to get rid of Trump, period.

  • George Hugh 2 years ago

    Dems _have_ to go on Fox – You can’t just keep preaching to the Choir

  • Clutch Flutie 2 years ago

    Sometimes I wonder if Bill is a closet conservative.


    “but not a real green dress, that’s cruel”


    trump will win again ,i was right last time too
    ignorance is thriving

  • r9000333m 2 years ago

    Quite possibly one of the worst panels in Real Time history: four conservatives (2 of which are there to promote books against social justice) and one center “left” liberal. When will Bill have a progressive on, or *gasp* a leftist??

  • Flat Earth Preacher 2 years ago

    This is the real story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK9b5iWuoBU

  • Hugh Guess 2 years ago

    This show has just become a Republican love in, with Maher blowing his Republican buddies until he swallows.
    Maher is a corporate sellout mutt !!

  • Ket 2 years ago

    I said this in the other video too.
    Q: “Does Manafort’s sentencing reveal racial bias in criminal justice”
    Panel for the next 5 min: “Social Justice is destroying America”
    Bill needs to learn to reign in his impulses. Any guest can just completely avoid ANY question by just bashing SJW’s and Bill will be happily strung along.

  • UltimateAwe 2 years ago

    Rothman is undoubtedly a contributor for Prager University – his alt-right, anarchist views are passed off as intellectually reasoned, well-intended illumination. He became flummoxed every time Atler called him out on his mockery of what real social justice is about because he had Bill in his corner. This episode was infuriating – it’s great to have conservative panelists on, but I didn’t find their lambasting of the democrats constructive in the least. Also didn’t care for Bill’s WARNING ‘joke’ about transgenders but I know I’ll be labelled a snowflake for objecting to offensive statements certain privileged members of society feel entitled to say. Ugh.

  • joethehood 2 years ago

    4 gop gurus lying on regs and ccorporate honesty .

  • EARTH STRIKE 2 years ago

    Give conservatives a blowjob off screen Bill

  • Pete O 2 years ago

    What happened to this show!!! I’m all for debate and differing opinions but it’s just a republican talking point panel every week now. I don’t remember the last real progressive he had and the only dems are corporate hacks like McCaskill.

  • John Pianavilla 2 years ago

    I think I like the woman I the green dress….not sure though.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    If Manafort was black, he’d have certainly gotten a much harsher sentence… but then, he also wouldn’t have been hired by Trump in the first place.

  • ursaltydog 2 years ago

    Republican party actually had a values set? You want to draw differences between the Cult of Trump and the old GOP… there’s not much.. only that Trump unleashed the Republican base of voters and even congress people to say what they’ve always felt..

  • Luis Francis 2 years ago

    Wow, Michael Steel had NOTHING to so about the slur on “social justice”, I guess he really believes he’s a white dude!

  • Antonius Britannia 2 years ago

    5:53  He’s arguing with you because the right is trying to assign the term “Social Justice” a blanket negative connotation.  They did it with the terms “Liberal” and “Socialism”.  That way in 5-10 years whenever there needs to be a nuanced discussion on real aspects of social justice, the right can end by shouting “SJW”.Be careful!

  • ursaltydog 2 years ago

    The tax cut was and still isn’t going to help corporations grow more and more competitive as insinuated by Schlapp… Conservative businesses even when given money don’t create more jobs.. they hoard it for themselves and their investors.. They close down plants.. They create new plants in other areas of the world.. and keep money in offshore accounts.


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