Overtime: Ingrid Newkirk, Michael McFaul, Alex Wagner, Erick Erickson | Real Time with Bill Maher



  • Samwise Gamgee 3 years ago

    I’m from Iowa and we have ENOUGH immigrants, just like we have enough corn.

  • lima leaf frog 3 years ago

    Forgotten Children Of The Ukraine (Child Documentary) | Real Stories |
    •Apr 16, 2016

  • Thomas Ollister 3 years ago

    “Wetlands”. Also known as swamps.

  • Connie Kenny 3 years ago

    Do you men know how ridiculous it is for your opinion on abortion, since you have all the responsibility of unwanted pregnancy, and no real skin in the game, just some semen. Women faced with unwanted pregnancy need to start suing men for sperm trespassing, citing mental, physical, emotional and financial stress.

  • aviduser1961 3 years ago

    Turns out that the folks that think they are the most principled are the least principled.

  • Andrew Caller 3 years ago

    Why wouldn’t White Americans like Russians more than Democrats? Dems talk openly about how much they hate us. They are eager to see us become a minority as “payback”.

  • owen bright 3 years ago

    Facts! GOP’s Kryptonite.

  • Ivaylo Iontchev 3 years ago

    The biggest problem is that the scumbags in Congress do not have two term mandates like the president. They stay there like paid corporate whore and fuck ordinary people for years by serving only their rich donors.

  • John Ree 3 years ago

    So Bill sold out also.

  • B. Chandler 3 years ago

    Iowa is over 92% white. That’s why they use it as the test bed.

  • justgivemethetruth 3 years ago

    Democrats in power are terrorized to be happy about abortion, or gleeful when they talk about talking away guns in the same way that Trump can terrorize Republicans by saying if you vote against me your head will go on a pike. Both parties are a big fake drama that are all about protecting and expanding the rights of billionaires and corporations. That is why there are so many actors in politics – it is all an act. Trump is essentially right when he says fake media – but its fake on both sides and everything else is fake as well.

    If Democrats would say:
    1. – Abortion should be between a woman and her doctor, and safe, affordable and rare, and then shut up.
    2.- Owning guns is a right that we will not take away, but guns should be registered, and magazines should be limited.
    3. – Immigration is good, but does not make sense if we lose the essential nature of our country and culture and so should be limited.

    Republicans would be put out of business, but they play each other off each other and drive people crazy until what is right ends up nauseating people to the point where they hate the Democrats, and vote for Republican crazies?

  • January Baby 3 years ago

    Anyone else in love with Alex Wagner? No? Just me

  • Cindy 3 years ago

    “no idea what republican party is these days except humping the president’s leg” LMAO ??? ?? ?

  • Matt 3 years ago

    Erick Erickson real dumb.

  • DrunkenYoda 3 years ago

    To say “white”is being 100% Racist!!!
    Just because of someone(s)skin color doesn’t TRUTHFUL mean anything about them as a Human nor their Character,ect.

  • User Friendly 3 years ago

    Mr. Republican…whatever the fuck your name is….you can be pro-life all you want.
    For your fucking family. My uterus is none of your goddamn concern.
    You aren’t paying my bills, we are not in a relationship, we are not even friends.
    How about you pro-lifers start by adopting the 600,000+ kids in foster care?
    Stop republicans from fucking up or trying to take away healthcare?
    Pay people a living wage.
    Stop denying climate change.
    Fix and support gun control laws. Find a solution that actually works so the senseless slaughters can stop.
    Stop putting corporations over people.
    There’s so much to do if you want to be pro-life besides banning abortions.

  • Tamara Bailey 3 years ago

    Putin elected Trump!

  • William Miller 3 years ago

    Put all the immigrants in gated communities, let the elites get some diversity!

  • madboyreadynow28 3 years ago

    Use your heads people. If this administration has gone further to say they’re not going to use animals. You need to use something to test on. If it’s not animals what’s next? Your dealing with a very evil administration. Humans

  • stillaliveandwell 3 years ago

    He would sleep well with Biden like others would sleep well with Pence. Where’s that stick to get this shit off my shoes.


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