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  • 79chgoh 1 year ago

    Chinese vaccine seems to work well if you considered the low deaths count from covid

  • Ken Havens 1 year ago

    Markets had a huge bump up today. Looks like inflation is peaking and the CPI number, while high was lower than this time last year and is probably on the decline. Gas prices should normalize back to what they were pre pandemic later this year or early next year.

  • Timothy D. 1 year ago

    This woman is peak boomer.

  • Joe Lopilato 1 year ago

    How about all the price gouging??? The Oil Companies are posting Greater Profits than at any other time in history… All the Corporations are cashing in…

  • New Message 1 year ago

    It does sound like a condom… something Donnie would never wear.

  • sankalp katara 1 year ago

    Shocking statement from bill gates. He’s been interested in Indian affairs. Does he have what happened during delta wave in india? Everyone reading this comment, please find out what happened in Indian during the second wave. You will be shocked out of your wits. This is no exaggeration.

  • G D 1 year ago

    Bill, did you live with anyone during covid peaks and or lows?

  • Paul Egger 1 year ago

    The minimum wage going up across the board is what’s driving this. It cost EVERY EMPLOYER more money to staff their workforce every day, hence forth EVERYTHING has become more expensive.Gas is a totally separate issue.

  • Terry Dizzydude 1 year ago


  • Tok Roni 1 year ago

    Rethink outsourcing all manufacturing to a commie Red dictatorship whose Supreme Leader is always right and cannot lose face no matter what

  • jake spivey 1 year ago

    And there Bill goes again, bitching about what we didn’t know and magically should have known about Covid.


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