Overtime: B.J. Novak, Catherine Rampell, Noah Rothman | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on August 19, 2022

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.

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  • kyle z 1 year ago

    Does Joe Biden “believe in our system”?

  • J Gunn 1 year ago

    The entire panel missed the point on alcohol in Japan. Japan, like Canada, taxes alcohol much more heavily the the USA. This is is 0% social policy and 100% tax revenue.

  • dire wolf 1 year ago

    maher: so many cheap shots that sound juvenile coupled with ignorance of the topic

  • Jim Lambrick 1 year ago

    Erlich’s book, ‘The populaton bomb’ predicted a catastrophe that didn’t happen. Then. It didn’t because of improved crop genetics that increased yields. ie the ‘Green Revolution’. Those yields were increased but rely on the use of fertilizers. The average peasant farmer in say, East Africa, never relied on fertilizer. Now they do. And guess what? All of sudden those ‘super plants’ are getting neither the fertilizer or as important, the water they need to grow due to droughts. The ‘bomb’ didn’t go away, it was just kicked down the road 50 years. News stories about famines in some remote country used to be a common routine third page story in the 1950’s newpapers. They’re about to make a return.

  • Whazzat 1 year ago

    INVITE PETER ZEIHAN. would make good guest . funny Political economist on demographics and on a book tour

  • Dand AinTac 1 year ago

    We may need to turn to desalination at the rate we are over-tapping our fresh water supplies, but desalination is VERY energy intensive–thus very expensive, and then you have to figure where how are we going to generate so much power, especially with Russian gas supplies going away due to war and sanctions.

    I agree with Maher on the population issue. This planet has swollen to around 8 billion people. This probably exceeds the planet’s carrying capacity–and at some point, technology is not going to save us. The only way to humanely and realistically reduce that massive number is for people to have fewer children. Now that might mean people will have to retire later in life, and that might mean there are more old people than young people, but that doesn’t spell the end of the world. What DOES spell the end of the world is for this planet to be destroyed through our stripping of all its natural resources, and destroying the ecosystem through consumption and pollution.

  • Shawn Carroll 1 year ago

    It was sadly ironic to see Bill floored with the unlimited growth and we will engineer our way out of anything response. He wasn’t quite prepared for such blatant denialism considering droughts in Europe and China, with a mega-drought in the Western US. I was hoping he would mention heat “domes” (I am close to his age, we called them heat waves then), which dry out entire river basins, and reduce the yield of crops even if they get enough water. Maybe something snarky like – do you plan to mount an air conditioner on the earth…

  • francisco gil 1 year ago

    No Bill..young ppl well educated ppl always will be in short supply..and old ppl always will overshoot their life span at least in the industrialized world

  • fktygglbtch btch 1 year ago

    That guy Noah, make any excuse not matter what…sounds like a fcking Republican thru and thru

  • Brandon Williams 1 year ago

    Maybe addressing climate change would help with the water problem.

  • SafePet Haven 1 year ago

    Catherine: “mindblowingly stupid”…yep, that’s Texas. Stupid, and prefers to stay that way. Been trying to get the H outta Texas since 1970, but as a multipli-disabled person for decades, it would take tons of $ and dozens of well-choreographed miracles to get relocated from this hell-hole. You think the IRS is primitive? Every dept. with the word ‘disability’ in its title refuses to use the latest technology — [secure email] and insists that even us blind residents of Texas use FAX MACHINES! Those supervisers claim faxes are much more secure than any form of software/tech. Especially poor argument when there are telecomm corporations that can deliver any phone systems or internet connectivity that work, along with any utility system — Texas is the only state in 50 that are not on any energy grid, so when any energy or other utility crashes — people DIE.

  • Julius 1 year ago

    Resources are finite sure, but that word is kind of irrelevant when you realize that the proven reserves of energy products give us a buffer of thousands of years. That’s to say nothing about the gigantic green transition that’s going on and the media is ignoring. Soon instead of burning hydrocarbons, we will unlock the power of batteries, which last 20 years and are over 95% recyclable. After the green transition, we will be able to support 100 billion humans and beyond

  • Scott Maclean 1 year ago


  • Zelgie 1 year ago

    Japan has a tax that is linked to alcohol sales. So less alcohol consumption, less tax money to support the government.


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