Overtime: Adam Schiff, Claire McCaskill, Donna Brazile, Rick Wilson, Bernard-Henri Lévy (HBO)



  • Ryan Luberecki 1 year ago

    Terrible episode terrible overtime used to enjoy this show when they had guest that would argue now it’s a fucking love fest get some different opinions on for once to have real discussions

  • Zico Bantawa 1 year ago

    That French guy is a joke. We need to leave Syria! No more endless wars.

  • kickenerbutt 1 year ago

    Funny how it’s always the “Moderates” saying “We need to come together”
    But are never the ones willing to move… -.-

  • putmerda 1 year ago


  • Michael Goldberg 1 year ago

    Will Bill ever invite true progressives on his show?

  • Stuffy McStuff 1 year ago

    is it really that hard for Democrats to figure out how the Russians manipulated people? They used our politics against us because they arent bound by our rules. They troll and made up lies and spammed it all over Facebook then hacking into our government official files and released them in Wikileaks. It’s not rocket science, they used the internet! People believe fake articles that feed their outrage. Basically our politics only with more lies.

  • charley15z 1 year ago

    Claire Mccaskill saying that Democrats shouldn’t try to divide one another when she’s the one who attacked AOC in the first place, calling her the “shiny new object”. There’s a reason you lost Claire. And anyone who takes advice from you is an idiot.

  • Nipun Kalra 1 year ago

    Claire McKaskille is such an embarrassment!!! When they asked if the isis bride should be allowed back, she said “no” herself, but later was mocking Trump for not allowing her back in! What a joke!!!

    She’s anti progressive and a major loser! Still gets hired by MSNBC and invited on shows like this! What a sad state of affairs!

  • tommy lillo 1 year ago

    You know bill was talking about the environment and how the so-called “wildfires” are going to cost California 400 billion dollars. Bill you should really take a look at something other than mainstream media and what they shove down your throat every single day it’s like what Adolf Hitler said when you tell a big lie you keep on telling it and you keep on telling it and the people will believe you. Those were not wildfires Jamie from a plane truth it’s a YouTube channel and he’s done like 80 podcast that show that those were not wildfires. Point Blank. Firenado??? Is this something new did sis just come to the world? It is such propaganda BS to write them off as wildfires if anybody does any Research into those fires you will find that those were directed energy weapons along with Rothschild owned PG&E so-called smart meters. Now I’m not a military research and development officer but just take a look at some of the footage and you see blue beams coming from the sky and starting fires you see trees burning from the inside out it’s old technology Nikola Tesla did it over a hundred and forty years ago wireless energy. It just so happens that area was targeted for many reasons maybe the 700 billion dollar train from San Francisco to LA? Or the untold billions in lumber from the old growth trees that happens to be owned by pretty much one guy his name’s red. Do you think anybody that lived in that area trust their governments assessment of what happened? Did you see the street full of cars with burnt bodies in them burnt to a crisp that would take about 3,500 degrees and wildfires burn at about Eleven Hundred. The military can control the weather this is old technology it’s nothing new they worked on it at HAARP and the books are closed. Meaning the technology is understood they do not need to do further research. Do a little research into something before you talk about it. And stop trusting news from channels that are all owned by the same people and they’re all pushing the same narrative. And then there’s Fox the controlled opposition. They work hand-in-hand with the networks that are supposedly pushing the opposite message. Bottom line those were not wildfires. Instead of me explaining it to you just go on YouTube it’s called aplanetruth and you can see for yourself there’s many fire captains people that have lived in the area their entire life and have never seen anything so devastating fires that seem to jump eight-lane highways and fires that burn trees from the inside out they melt engine blocks in cars the aluminum streaming down the side of the curb and who could forget the charred bodies in the cars why do you think the army did not let anyone in for two months? Why do you think the Army was posted up right in the area and one guy got someone from FEMA saying yeah we were here before the “attacks”. Very suspicious how they use the word “attack”. I’ve been watching the show for years and all of a sudden it seems like you’re pushing an agenda. The one thing I like what he said is quoting Reagan on how you should be scared when someone says hi I’m from the government and I’m here to help you. I think it’s common knowledge that our government at high levels are the biggest Crooks around. Does the common American Trust his government? I bet you’d be hard-pressed to get 30% thumbs up on that. Either way 30 minutes of research into the fires in California or the attacks to put it correctly, and I think you’d come to the same conclusion. Now YouTube’s not going up show any of the documentary videos at the top of the list, AI has taken over and they bury them videos, truth gets buried it’s always been the status quo. I’ll leave you with a quote from one of our other “great” presidents trying to lie to the people,I’M NOT A CROOK✌

  • Nathan Ryan 1 year ago

    We need to get a grip on the Russian interference NOW. Sure, we’ll never catch every thing but there is an earthquake coming and it’s going to cause havoc like nothing has before. As artificial intelligence progresses, computer algorithms will soon be able to produce fake news with little or no human input at a speed and a volume that will be completely overwhelming. This is NOT the stuff of science fiction anymore, the technology already exists it must simply be improved and perfected. In the hands of an adversarial nation the results could devastating. Republicans unwillingness to tackle this problem head-on must end!

  • Edward Chafizadeh 1 year ago

    Wow these people. Gee, Bill. I guess so…

  • Vivs Leigh 1 year ago

    Get that mccaskil the fuck out of here. She is the one running her mouth about the progressives and rolling her eyes when asked about progressives- she needs to go the fuck home already. She is a corporate democrat who is against the progressives because she was filling her pockets with her donor money.

  • Googleplus Isterrible 1 year ago

    Social media isn’t left!?!?!? All major social platforms have banned conservative channels. Wtf are you talking about!?

  • Charlie Dead 1 year ago

    Donna Brazil? Really? Give me a ####### break….

  • mukund p 1 year ago

    Did Bill pass these questions to Ms. Brazil’s before the overtime actually began? I.e. before anyone else knew them?…… ?… Never forget dem. Primary debates and Ms. Brazil folks.

  • cyberbehrens 1 year ago

    I like those coffee mugs

  • Pablo Cruz 1 year ago

    I don’t trust Donna brazil

  • IanPolerCP 1 year ago

    The real problem, the disease, not the symptom, of media manipulation is not that it is easy to spread fake news, but the fact that people believe them, that they do not trust actual journalists and that the situation in a country is so bad that the stuff the fake news acoounts post could actually be true. If you really want to deal with fake news, take one for the team and start broadcasting great news. We live in a time , where a fictional News Show (The Newsroom) is much more credible than real news, when comedians like Bill Maher and John Oliver show what is wrong with the US and how to fix it, while Fox News is just propaganda, while CNN and co still broadcast human interest stories and “news’ that is fun, not the news that are important, unless it is about Trump. If there were a news channel or a programm like the one represented in The Newsroom, then the fake news epidemic would begin to slow.

  • Leech 1 year ago

    Why not just do a nation wide ban on all Russia IP addresses during election season until its over? They’re cracking down on VPN over there so I don’t know if they can just switch to those to use US based IP’s.

  • p ace 1 year ago

    Im a democrat but i should say this…. This is what u created to brainwash people and now opposition using it against u…. The problem is that they think trump is a superhero but he’s not…. Trump would sell all of his fans if someone pay him 1 dollar for each 10 fans…


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