Our Very Smart President Can Easily Handle Robert Mueller

Published on February 8, 2018

Trump wants to talk to Mueller, but he’s busy checking boxes on his dictator checklist. One proposal for a large-scale military parade down, one abolishment of the free press to go!

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  • Skip To My Lou 2 years ago

    Its only a matter of time until Trump brags about having “the best ans biggest gas chambers”. Good job republicans.

  • camelshit 2 years ago

    trump should definitely talk with Mueller. I have total confidence that he will do tremendously well. As we all know, and trump better than any of us; he never lies, and he is completely innocent. He will make Mueller bigly ashamed and have him begging for forgiveness. The nincompoop lawyers are such clueless cowards.
    trump should demand an open hearing under oath with TV cameras rolling and transmitting live to the whole world.
    Oh yeah, if there is one thing trump cannot resist, it is a Record Breaking, World Encompassing, History Making Audience!

    And that you will have trump 🙂

    That you will have.

  • Toad Jiang 2 years ago

    Ha! President Bonespurs is demanding a military parade to cheer himself up, that’s cute! Will he force soldiers into goose stepping like North Koreans?

  • 00 0 2 years ago

    *_No one wants to talk to Mueller more than I do, that I can tell you, believe me! For a certified very stable genius like me, if I go talk to Mueller, I can convince him that I am innocent in 10 seconds, that I guarantee you folks! I guarantee you! But I can’t, I really can’t, because my doctor told me that I have a foot thing. No one is more disappointed than me, believe me! So I guess Mueller has just dodged a bullet. Well, how lucky for him! Jobs! —– Trump_*

  • camelshit 2 years ago

    But of course King Tweet wants a parade. After all, he has to nurture and bolster up his bloated, insecure, core-less ego. Like the insatiable attention consuming vampire he is, he will need, he will crave, more more, bigger bigger. Maybe his next desire will be a gilded tRumpan Circus, where non applauding traitors, on his majestic command, get thrown before the (few remaining) lions.

  • Zant 2 years ago

    This is necessary. Transgender in the military is too expensive, but this… THIS is necessary.

  • Kim Jong Fun 2 years ago

    Wonder when will Trump officially change his title from “President Trump” into “Bigly Smart, Tremendously Stable Genius, Yuge Hands, Greatest Of All Time, Dear Leader Trump” ?

  • Jerricola 2 years ago

    Do it Trump! I can’t believe I support you in something but go to that interview! It will be fun!

  • Funk Universe 2 years ago

    But what about the emails???????

  • Ry Sun 2 years ago

    “How bad could Trump be at being president” said the majority of voters. He certainly is setting a lot of precedents

  • khansahb 2 years ago


  • No Calvinism 2 years ago

    Well, what’d ya expect from a 5-year old???

  • The Shadow Man 2 years ago

    Military parades are cool

  • Lisa 2 years ago

    Trump should totally testify. As he told African-Americans, “what have you got to lose?!”

  • dcptiv 2 years ago

    We all know what kind of countries have military parades huh.

  • Anne-droid 2 years ago

    The Garfield balloon would work splendidly, since good old James A. was the first president to claim to weigh 239 lbs…

  • Jason Blade 2 years ago

    If you consider that trump suffers from “small penis syndrome”, everything makes more sense after that.
    But it still doesn’t feel right…

  • comets & blueberries 2 years ago

    to be fair, who doesn’t love a parade?

    send elon musk the bill.


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