Our Best Fox News Mashups | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on August 7, 2020

They’re experts on law and order because they’ve committed crimes, they celebrated victories over coronavirus in March, and they think “every death is a tragedy, but…” This is Fox News. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #FoxNews



  • Archana Singh 2 months ago

    Love this

  • Mc Zimbabwe 2 months ago

    Trevor Noah is a legend and makes us proud. I personally have no shy following him as I have since his Daywalker days. Trevor you rock. McZimbabwe certified

  • Ana Maldonado 2 months ago

    What do they have planNed? , de santis suck , why so interested in people to come.

  • Ms. KP 2 months ago

    I put on my pretty silk dress for this award show

  • Jordan Parker65 2 months ago

    Damn I didn’t know that actual criminals worked at Fox…..eye opening

  • MunkyBiz 2 months ago

    “They’re *dying* to come back to work” 😂 can’t make this shit up.. Faux “news” is absolutely embarrassing and pathetic.

  • Wa Meng Xiong 2 months ago

    To think all the states that reopened like Texas and Florida already caught up to New York in just a couple of weeks…

  • Michael A J 2 months ago

    Get it…??? There are TWO different Americas, and most of us live in the one that sux..

  • geoffrey sabiti 2 months ago

    First considered you as a comedian, but now you have changed into a voice of miss leading politics, mean you Trevor

  • Simon Says 2 months ago


  • wullie G 2 months ago

    Great vid!,quickest history lesson ever.

  • Ken Toby 2 months ago

    Trump: “It is what it is”

  • The illyri 2 months ago

    That one guy said, reopen because we will only lose 2-3% of the population .
    That’s 7-10 million people in the US alone .
    That sounds like a reasonable number of people to die while pretending to keep the stock market afloat .
    Wtf is wrong with these guys ?
    I’m not even American and this is disturbing because the rest of the world is dependent and follows the US’s lead . At least the allies .

  • murcielago Batman 2 months ago

    Lol this same as a romcom

  • Penny Reis 2 months ago

    Love you Trevor xoxo

  • SAUCEPlays12345 2 months ago

    isn’t the right to protest in the constitution tho??????? bold of them to say they have American values

  • Leah 2 months ago

    Man I was searching for a funny video of fox just yesterday

  • vmacart 2 months ago

    the fox people are so vile, petualnt, and pernicious. is that a precondition? or is it a result of doing their job or part of their cult? why don’t they all go visit with gohmert? ya’ll can have a good ol’ kkk rally and cross burnin. in a very small and enclosed room please. thank you.

  • woptucci 2 months ago

    I can listen to someone for about, say 2 minutes before I realize that Fox is their source for what they consider to be news and I think to myself time to talk another one down from the ledge. THIS IS FAKE NEWS, our “Murder and Chief” says so.

  • Aaron Shaver 2 months ago

    I usually don’t put much stock in whataboutism, but man, the hypocrisy of those talking “law and order!” heads who all have records is astounding.

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  • Firessin 1 month ago

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