Other Mail-In Voting Excuses

Published on September 24, 2020

Seth runs through a list of excuses Americans in Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, South Carolina and Mississippi can use to get a mail-in ballot.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Paul Astle 2 years ago

    This is sexist, what about Femail in voting?

  • Christopher Pohl 2 years ago

    Seth seems to be the only persons that finds him funny.

  • NoJusticeNoPeace 2 years ago

    Screw the lowest-common-denominator “bits,” I’d much rather experience Seth just getting fed up with the general indignities of being alive in late-stage capitalism. I miss the attic.

  • 詹淳惠 2 years ago

    What’s wrong with the music
    , it’s good.

  • Ziegrif 2 years ago

    Late night with Seth Meyers is a professional show hosted and produced by actual professionals.

  • Cindy Oser 2 years ago

    I called the tx voter registrar office and asked what should I do if I am sick with covid on election day. Should I come stand in line? She said sure. She also said a volunteer worker can come out to my car with the ballot. So i asked if she was willing to expose her 80 year old voter volunteer to my active covid and she said sure. Texas is afraid of Democrats, btw. Just like trump.

  • David KDM Tundra 2 years ago

    Cuecard-chan is nervous. It’s been awhile since she’s been used

  • Iqra 96 2 years ago

    Trump is so stupid he revealed how he is going to steal the election.What a dope he is.

  • roof pizza 2 years ago

    Mail in ballots are accepted if you play the banjo while the mail is collected.

  • Jacob Herter 2 years ago

    I’ve checked both videos and it’s the same.

  • Lets Go Flying 2 years ago

    seth’s losin it a bit. i like it.

  • Yassir Al-Saffar 2 years ago

    The more Seth talks about trump, the more orange he’s getting 🤣
    Side effect? 😏🤓

  • Julia Connell 2 years ago

    The first song and reaction looks like accidental – from here on out Seth has dig his own grave – I think this theme of torturing Seth with music is going to last a while 😂🤣😂

  • Karen 2 years ago

    Seth, we watch you every week and enjoy your show very much. Please slow down your talking a little, though. I keep having to replay. And no more pumpkin spice lattes. You are taking on an orange hue. 😁🌻

  • Gpcas9 2 years ago

    Somhow just presenting the show to his crew is much funnier as when he has a audience. I may not get all the insider jokes, but the modd is much more relaxed 😉
    Might imagine how the banter in the writers room would be 🙂

  • Darrel Zero 2 years ago


  • pixiebells 2 years ago

    I actually don’t mind this song because I it reminds me of Arrested Development 😀

  • Aaron Hawley 2 years ago

    This is lobby music in salvia purgatory

  • NLocks 69 2 years ago

    I feel like this song is what is playing in the background in the universe the sea captain is Seth

  • the state we're in 2 years ago



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