Oscar Snubs for Women & An End to Cory Booker’s White House Bid | The Daily Show



  • Michael Amaya 1 month ago

    I watch them all. And don’t know who direct each one. And still like those nomines movies more than little women .

  • DatGrA2b 1 month ago

    Cynthia is prejudice against black Americans its really ironic that she makes her living playing them for a living

  • Joey McE 1 month ago

    Disappointed in Trevor, that was straight pandering.

  • CarlosG 1 month ago

    Is there a movie that was directed by a woman that as worthy of being in the Oscar nominations? I’m asking in an honest way, I don’t know.

  • English Online 1 month ago

    I can only say one thing and that is :


  • Kevin Soche 1 month ago

    Trevor notice how all the movies for the directors are action movies which are harder to make and catch the eye of viewers more than a woman’s. When a woman makes a movie that’s crazy and popular she will win.

  • Christen Ford 1 month ago

    I love how Trevor keeps shouting out to Greta! She seems to have a good sense of humor ✌?

  • Amakev 254 1 month ago

    All the nominated movies are good and have original stories that are incredibly executed. Oscar nominates exceptional movies and instead of resulting in victim card, the female directors should work hard to meet the standards of exceptional movies. The movies were good not because they had male lead characters but because of their out of box ideas and execution of themes and narrative. It is sad that people that consider themselves “woke” result in putting sexist twists in everything. A good movie is a good movie and just because you are a female director doesn’t give you a direct nomination simply because you produced a good movie, the movie has to be exceptional.

  • Marley Gordon 1 month ago

    Parasite is fucking amazing

  • RevolverOcelot2008 1 month ago

    Never heard of Little Women must have been advertised and released in 3rd world countries

    Just like people were mentioning Eddie Murphy wasn’t nominated. What movie was he in recently?

  • Laudvekky's Groove Lab 1 month ago

    Niggas don’t even like Cory Booker – Uncle Ruckus

  • Copper Rabbit 1 month ago

    Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Morgan Freeman. All oscar winners. Through merit. Theres no merit anymore, the need for diversity has replaced it… what a shame.

  • Mobile Gaming Express 1 month ago

    Don’t care about oscars

  • CMG 1 month ago

    Please stop saying bitches every night. It may cool in your circles but not in mine. I find it insulting. Makes me cringe.

  • Amal Joe Abraham 1 month ago

    Ok booker

  • Ashwin Nair 1 month ago

    So? Who really cares? Did any amazingly directed movie get left out regardless of whatever the feck the director considers themselves to be?

    No? Then shut up.

    Yes? Then talk about the movie and not the gender of the director. Being a good director has literally nothing to do with being a man or woman.

  • Hassan Nasif 1 month ago

    How exactly and on what grounds is the DNC being criticized for ending up with 5 white candidates on an arbitrary debate?

  • Yadir Yero 1 month ago

    You can’t force talent..those movies were classic n worthy of praise.

  • Grímnir 1 month ago

    The invention of women

    Best. Invention. Ever

  • 7DK 1 month ago

    what about not obsessing over the gender and instead focus on the films ?


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