One-on-One with Amy Klobuchar | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on February 15, 2020

U.S. Senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) joins Bill on the heels of her strong performance in the New Hampshire primary election.

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  • Luis Mendez 2 years ago

    She sucks and would lose to trump in a heartbeat, Bernie 2020

  • Anthony Loos 2 years ago

    Klobuchar looks a lot like Seinfeld’s “yada yada” girlfriend ???

  • Glen Stolburg 2 years ago

    James Monroe was 5.4. not jefferson

  • Sapper 1 2 years ago

    Democrats stop playing nice!!! You will not beat Trump!

  • albilevizm 2 years ago

    wow she didnt let him to speak at all…

  • Lord Grime 2 years ago

    This bitch is retarded…vote goes to bernie or not voting, fuck the democrats.

  • booshaw24 2 years ago

    “Only a moderate can beat Donald Trump even though a moderate lost to Donald Trump. Yes!!!!

  • RN7 2 years ago

    oh! Crazy Amy is here….

  • Kris 2 years ago

    So you win, and he refuses to give up power. One of the most incredibly difficult unexpected questions ive ever seen in an interview. Ive known nothing of this woman before a few days ago but she didn’t fold, or deflect into her own speech. Fantastically done. I support Warren for experience, objectivity, bluntness, and in-depth understanding, but among a race that seems to be lead by ideals with no legitimate sense of recourse (think:mexico will build the wall), shes realistic.

    At this point id take any realistic nominee of any party, who knew what they wanted to do, how it may help, and how they would do it. At best we get 2/3. Best they know, and it helps rich but not normal people, or they know but not how to do it. Or they know what they want, doesnt help, no idea how to do it, want to help but are clueless, or found a set of car keys and wants to figure out how it applies. At worse, they know they want to get rich, have no idea how ,but they want to eventually do something. This is listed in order of responsibilities given to children of successful people in order to expand their success into the future and create a legacy. Trumps dad is rolling in his grave so often, he gets more exercise than trump does.

  • Stephen Wright 2 years ago

    Bill is right. Like every election since I’ve been alive (I was born at the end of the Summer of Blood, 1968), 2020 is an exercise in going through the motions. Only those generals Trump has insulted¹ have the authority under civilian and military law to physically remove him from the White House. And they will *HAVE* to do so, mark my words.

    ¹which, as the son of a Vietnam vet, I say if it’s been one of them it’s been all of them

  • newleadership 2 years ago

    every woman for president should state how many sex partners they have had. its indicative of whether they are honest or manipulative and exploitive
    call me a pig but women use sex to get what they want, men dont

  • booshaw24 2 years ago

    They way she smirks after telling the show women joke for the hundredth time. She’s fake.

  • Woman of Substance 2 years ago

    Bill, why do you bother to have guests and ask them questions if YOU REFUSE TO LET THEM ANSWER?!?!?! You are bloody RUDE!!
    Other than that and your occasional fattitude, I do love your show!

  • Coleman Remington 2 years ago

    Someone could easily look un-empathetical When certain networks and outlets create an opinion for a year based on sound clips and vengeful initial reactions. it should not be the basis for an opinion of someone. Getting to know someone is harder nowadays when everyone is looking to make a dollar rather than giving you the information you deserve.

  • Stoney Wolf 2 years ago

    Oh my…Bill — kiss those Minnesota boots. I would love to see the debate between her & Trump (actually any of these Dem jokers pretending to run for POTUS).

  • Caleb T. Boyd 2 years ago

    Farmers like him because he bailed them out following the floods (+ China trade war), although more money went to farmers with the most acreage, even if their land wasn’t affected by the floods.

  • nannyg666 2 years ago

    Hey Bernie fans vomiting all over the comments section; The man has accomplished almost nothing in his 30 years in congress and will accomplish nothing with the legislature as it is (and no, it’s not going to change in some sort of “revolution”). So what, exactly, do you think Bernie is going to do if elected except continue to wave his arms and look like a caricature?

  • Adam Levenberg 2 years ago

    How was she not prepared for this question? Doesn’t she have advance people prepping her????


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