Omarosa Says Trump Knew About Hacked Emails in Advance: A Closer Look

Published on August 15, 2018

Seth takes a closer look at Omarosa Manigault Newman’s claim that Trump knew in advance about the Democratic emails Russia hacked during the 2016 campaign.


  • Joan Tron 8 months ago


  • JoeNasr123 8 months ago

    Thank you Seth and team for releasing these early!

  • Michelle Anya 8 months ago

    “The president is an honest man..” He is either really good at lying that he was able to say that with a straight face or he really believes that nonsense. Yeesh.

  • Dark Star 8 months ago

    Every time I see Rudy, I find even more reasons to believe that this is the first time he’s risen from his crypt since 1895.

  • Heracross X 8 months ago

    0:54 Don’t you just love it when villains openly blab about their secret evil plan for everyone to hear?

  • Michael Briand 8 months ago

    Everyday I wake up thinking ‘this is the day, this is the day trump goes away’ and everyday I’m evermore disappointed.

  • AJK90 8 months ago

    Was this all really worth it, Rudy?

  • John McLeod 8 months ago

    Hopefully this idiocy will soon end

  • DM 8 months ago

    Impeach Trump the gaslighting traitor, SAVE THE USA!

  • NoiseFeedMusic 8 months ago

    You know that scene in Along Came Polly where Rueben’s deadbeat buddy Sandy steps in for him at the last minute in that meeting, is all breathless and unprepared and just bullshits his way through it?Yeah, that’s Rudy in every appearance

  • Hurr Durr 8 months ago

    Trump’s so honest and honorable he cheated on his last two wives…wait…

  • Kristi Valdez 8 months ago

    Sweet, sweet irony: a black woman taking down the most racist, misogynistic president in American history.

  • Emm Bee Sea 8 months ago

    Rudy Giuliani might as well be a first round cut auditionee for Whose Line Is It Anyway?; making up his story and he goes and failing at every page turn.

  • vanilla9683 8 months ago

    Anyone else find Giuliani’s TV interviews cringy?

  • anonagain 8 months ago

    Omarosa and Trump are so much alike – both manipulating, spiteful and narcissistic. But Omarosa has him beat on intelligence.

  • 2l84t 8 months ago

    Rudy considers two months to be a long time ago . Which by his own definition makes Rudy ancient history . Explains the Nosferatu look.

  • Luvya Nunya 8 months ago

    This is truly unbelievable, a sitting president, in legal battles with porn stars and lowlifes. Colluding with Russia, and he has the smallest hands ever.

  • so zen 8 months ago

    This is all very surreal. His campaign, his election, his term. The scandals and the frauds. It’s like a bad joke that went on for way too long and now nobody knows how to stop it. I’m honestly surprised as to how this guy still holds the office.

  • sent4dc 8 months ago

    Wow, what a chump. Did he hear about an office shredder?

  • Turbid TG1 8 months ago

    Speaking of Trump’s tax returns, Happy Birthday to Maxine Waters who if the Democrats become the majority in the House again, will become chairwoman on the committee that can subpoena his tax returns! Just something to keep in mind! 😀


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