Olympic Committee Wins Gold Medal For Bullshit

Published on February 18, 2022

Why is 15-year-old Russian figure skater, Kamila Valieva, cleared to compete after testing positive for a banned substance while athletes like Sha’Carri Richardson are banned after testing positive for legal marijuana?



  • j D 2 years ago

    Excellent as always, Sam. Thank you from England.

  • thebritons 2 years ago

    1 minute long? We are not here because we use cable…

  • katyafan 2 years ago

    She was allowed to compete while the process was going through checks and balances–not just cleared and given no sanctions. If she had won an olympic medal (she didn’t, because she melted down during her free skate due to the adults in her life never protecting her from anything), it likely would have been stripped from her. As it is, she will probably lose the 4th place “title” once the results are verified. And she will receive sanctions.

    Marijuana should not be on the banned list–but while it is, it makes no sense to allow some to use it and not others. A level playing field is the goal, right?

    We could also maybe focus on the fact that a minor was drugged with a medication that she didn’t need, and most people in media are only focusing on the olympic medal part of this. Maybe that is worth covering as the main coverage?

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Yeah… That’s what the Russians need to hear.. “Keep cheating, and willfully flouting the rules… we’ll let it go.”

  • Simon Grogan 2 years ago

    A poor Sam Bee clip. No context or Olympic committy side, who’s rules state the difference is not that of race, it’s one was a minor and the other is not. I’m not judging the morality of either side just the weakness of this clip.

  • C I 2 years ago


  • MMB628 Jr 2 years ago

    The dude Bohami had a different take on it..

  • RowRedRound 2 years ago

    Equating these two events is downright dishonest. There is a rule about how juveniles are treated in these cases.

  • Mickael Mc 2 years ago

    Because She is a MINOR THAT’S WHY. How did you skip that??


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