Oligarchs – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know | The Daily Show

Published on March 11, 2022

Oligarchs didn’t start the war in Ukraine, so why are they being targeted by sanctions? Trevor discusses these billionaires’ connections to Putin and their global influence. #IYDKNYK #DailyShow




  • Sebastian Wardana 2 years ago

    first couple ones were even more lavish… top yachts seized, thats a list…

  • Ross Geller 2 years ago


  • Alex Bakuroc 2 years ago

    I wish somebody had explained American people who helped becoming those folks russian oligarchs…

  • TLOTLO PHELE 2 years ago

    Lol the US Oligarchs are entrepreneurs

  • Grant Willingham 2 years ago

    You should have asked him what does a dodo bird taste like YOU PROBABLY WOULD HAVE SAID IN BETWEEN A SPOTTED OWL AND CONDOR!!!

  • NomisNaimeis 2 years ago

    It is funny to hear US-american journalists saying with so much indignation that the oligarchs stole from the Russian People. Well yes. But what makes them so different? All those horrible super-rich corrupt families with huge influence in politics like the Trumps could as well be called American Oligarchs

  • dubkds 2 years ago

    You cant even begin to imagine how much Russian folks appreciate the West finally getting to those oligarchs and everything they’ve stolen. Serves them right 🙂

  • erik priebe 2 years ago

    Roy! ROY! Hahaha

  • Melusi Msizazwe 2 years ago

    American billionaires are also oligarchs

  • Oh look At that 2 years ago

    They should do this to the USA.

  • Fergal Cussen 2 years ago

    Putin isn’t just a tool of the oligarchs. The fact that he reined them in and jailed a couple of them is a big reason for his popularity in Russia.

  • Shiva Shakti 2 years ago

    next segment, oligarchs of the United States

  • Мария Поплавская 2 years ago

    It’s naive to think that they got their wealth by luck

  • William Hartley 2 years ago

    Putin’s Russia is no different from Communist Russia. The Oligarchs are “the State”. There is (or was until a couple weeks ago) a veneer of freedom with Western consumer goods and fast food but the media is still massively controlled, with propaganda and alternative “facts” covering inconvenient truths (like Fox News and Putin/Russia fans on Right wing media do in the US), dissenters being disappeared, and the vast majority of wealth in the hands of a privileged few “party members.”

  • Spiritual Anarchist 2 years ago

    If they are Russian, they are called Oligarchs .If they’r American they are called ‘financial geniuses’ .

  • Avalanche 2 years ago

    Trevor pls fix your audio levels


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