Ohio Is Going Green

Published on September 16, 2015

In November, Ohio could be the next state to legalize marijuana. Time to break out everyone’s favorite spokes-bud, Buddie.

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  • David Eisel 4 years ago

    Oh Colbert

  • Nick Scott 4 years ago

    Pretty sure that’s a first “Dank Sticky” anything on the Late Show. Since
    he’s recycling so much of the old show, just bring back the Word already!
    Call it the Phrase if you must.

  • Nick Scott 4 years ago

    I bet a lot of old people are just terrified after the news now.

  • COSMO 4 years ago

    Ohio is dank as fuck.

  • Marklar3 4 years ago

    I’m disappointed in Colbert for not pointing out the corruption behind
    ‘ResponsibleOhio’ that limits the market to only having 10 farms, which
    will all be given to the investors who funded the campaign.

  • Mewyabe 4 years ago

    DO NOT VOTE FOR ISSUE 3. It creates an oligopoly of 10 growers and no more
    growers for 4 years.

    The facts are the benefits of waiting for a better bill is better than this
    one which doesn’t have worker protections for smokers, doesn’t allows care
    givers to deliver/grow/purchase, and ensures our cannabis industry will NOT
    be in the people’s hand.

  • Distracted Observer 4 years ago

    Colbert making weed jokes on national tv, that’s not going to go over well
    with the old audience!
    Oh who am I kidding, they fell asleep at 6PM after their dennys run.

  • fidorover 4 years ago

    I’m no Warren Buffet, but if states keep legalizing weed, seems like now is
    the time to start loading up on Taco Bell stock.

  • Justin S 4 years ago

    Buddy is also is the Anabolic Steroid mascot !!

  • My Life Japan 4 years ago

    “Buddy.” That’s friggin’ GENIUS.

  • Tone Balone 4 years ago

    there u go, theres the steven colbert we love =)

  • Thurston Lambert 4 years ago

    Ohio is going to legalize marijuana before my state of Massachusetts wtf is
    this come on mass get your shit together Alabama is going to fucking beat
    us next

  • Richard Archer 4 years ago

    Buddy the mascot looks like one of the characters created for Last Week
    Tonight whenever John Oliver wants to make fun of some idiotic situation.

  • toadfan64 4 years ago

    Gotta love being up at 5am to see these when they’re first uploaded.

  • Dubskee 4 years ago

    SO much better than Letterman

  • ClydeLeeM 4 years ago

    ha, i thought it meant energy wise clicking on the video.

  • Cameron Boutelle 4 years ago


  • Rockownz5150 4 years ago

    “Every single argument against legalized pot is the argument you could make
    against alcohol. Every single one.” – this was said on Fox News, people.
    It’s only a matter of time now. It’s disgusting to think there are people
    still opposed to legalizing it.

  • Swdoc Dvmee 4 years ago

    Good luck Ohio!

  • Jacob bon 4 years ago

    finally ohio isnt the boringest state in the world

  • Patient Silence. 4 years ago

    Goddamnit I just moved from Ohio to Nashville…

  • sanderflop 4 years ago

    Breaking News: Republicans won the national election when voter turnout
    dropped in Ohio to only twelve people. All of which were weed smokers who
    walked into the wrong building. The fact that they voted republican however
    is pure coincidence

  • Mr420Spy 4 years ago

    lmao the idea that college students would need a mascot for Marijuana is

  • Aldo Bishalini 4 years ago

    I like how these segments sound and look exactly like The Report. Awesome!

  • Rai Gresham 4 years ago

    I’m from Ohio…and I have an addiction to free basing Buckeyes.

  • Jordan Colby 4 years ago

    FINALLY! They made clips from Stephen’s Late Show watchable in Canada :DD

  • Jr Garcia 4 years ago

    Yes very clever round on both ends and hi in the middle

  • IMBeatzProduction 4 years ago

    wait.. 52% to 44%.. 52+44= 96, it don’t make sense xD

  • cedkira 4 years ago

    two years into college in ohio, he’s still in his layer. but if you’d seen
    ohio chicks, you’d understand

  • Nate Ryan 4 years ago

    Go Ohio!!

  • dallashood67 4 years ago

    That is the ugliest mascot I’ve ever seen hahahaha

  • Jonathan Taylor 4 years ago

    The United States legalized Cannabis Sativa in 1942 to make equipment for
    the military during World War II. Please watch the 1942 USDA film, Hemp For
    Victory. It’s available on youtube. The special license to grow hemp that
    is shown in the film reads, “Producer of Marihuana”. The United States
    legalized “Marihuana” to make equipment for the military and with the war
    on drugs, the police are now heavily militarized. So, the United States
    should legalize “Marihuana” to make military equipment for the police in
    the war on drugs. This is a better idea than locking hundreds of thousands
    of people in for-profit prisons because of the exact same plant that helped
    stop the Holocaust. “Marihuana” was used to defend America’s freedom and
    now the “Land of the Free” has the largest prison population on Earth.

  • shitpost “CielTheOldRitual” senpai 4 years ago

    Am I the only one that wants ban drugs and alcohol? Seriously they’re bad
    for your health and can fuck up people. My dad used to be an angry
    alcoholic (got him to stop though) and I knew people, who lost people to
    drug use. Just because something makes you feel good, doesn’t make it safe
    or healthy.

  • Dvavko Bvatinčević (Don Habaneron) 4 years ago

    Cannabis is a CURE! Big Pharma sells drugs along with narco-mafia… Dont
    get it twisted

  • Steve27775 4 years ago

    I highly approve of the Report 2.0.

  • hello world 4 years ago

    …..wtf is that mascot…. if anything it will drive voters away. creepy
    ass thing

  • Levvy 4 years ago

    the Colorado state flag joke got me

  • Arthurus Messener 4 years ago

    Man am I thankful Colbert is doing this. (Note to the show) Easy on the
    Blue Gamma. Still. Keep it up!

  • Tormentality 4 years ago


  • Connor Patterson 4 years ago

    He completely missed the part where Responsible Ohio would monopolize all
    10 distribution and use the Ohio police force as their own private army.
    Look, I’m all for legalization, but this bill only profits responsible
    Ohio. Colorado got it legalization right, but this bill will only hurt

  • Cheesy455 4 years ago

    I just started college in Ohio, and yes people smoke buckeyes here.


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