Obamas, Civil War, Civility | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on June 30, 2018

Bill and his Real Time panelists – Michael Moore, Bradley Whitford, Jennifer Rubin, and Col. Lawrence Wilkerson – answer viewer questions after the show.

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It’s HBO.

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  • alienkid 8 months ago


  • Zachary Xavier 8 months ago

    Obama was the realest and coolest president we’ve ever had in this country. We will never have another president like him, unless we election someone like Bernie Sanders or perhaps the next female president.

  • 503leafy 8 months ago

    So early.

  • Anthony Watson 8 months ago

    I truly hope that this country learned its lesson after 650,000 men lost their lives during the first civil war, but something tells me that we have not, which scares me.

  • St Kr 8 months ago

    Poor Bradley Whitford … he’ll never get to see a merman.

  • Steve Bannon 8 months ago


  • fancyasandwich 8 months ago

    The diversity of opinion is in panel is amazing. This is literally just an echo-chamber.

  • ijvo1951 8 months ago

    Why do they avoid talking about Bernie Sanders?

  • Jon Hoff 8 months ago

    Idiotfest 2018

  • Alejandro Mavarez 8 months ago

    Im glad nobody clapped when she said Michelle (Obama)

  • Jackie Roberts 8 months ago

    Trump doesn`t have any legions ! What the hell is wrong with you people ? I live in Trump Central Kentucky and nobody here would even march or protest for Trump . You guys are believing his hype . Trump has his own Production Company to promote his image of himself ., but don`t you fall for it .

  • Jesse Torres 8 months ago

    I don’t remember who said it, but someone once said “No generation that votes for us to go to war is the 1 that fights and dies in it,” and this is sadly very true. Our politicians love to declare war but they don’t do the actual fighting, but instead they draft poor young Americans to fight and die overseas. Furthermore, in many cases those same politicians exempt their own kids or grandkids from fighting in the war they voted on and claim to support. Finally, war is the only thing neither Political Party claims we spend too much on, while simultaneously willing to cut social security and programs that care for those same veterans once they come home.

  • Jester Avrgjoe 8 months ago

    We are already at war. A alt-left soldier already tried to kill republicans at a baseball game. The Alt-Left media has already coerced weak minded amongst them into assassinating our police officers. More leftists have assaulted republicans, and trump supporters just for having a different political belief than they do.
    The definition of Terrorism is a political movement that uses threats of violence in order to fulfill their political agenda.
    If anyone has fired the first shots of this Social War. It was you leftists.

  • Vladimir Vendeyes 8 months ago

    So 78% are just plain stupid… Gotcha

  • Nestor Gonzalez 8 months ago

    United states was born with blood and tears, and has survive with blood and tears. The fact you expect things will be different is a fantasy. Fascist scum have all the guns, good we don’t have to waste money when we take them from there corpses.

  • Trevor Van Loon 8 months ago

    Bernie – Ocasio Cortez 2020!

  • Toto Thedog 8 months ago

    And the most dangerous force facing America, today. The current democratic ruling regime. Your side are the ones escalating the tensions, and driving divisions deeper. And waters is calling to openly group up and harass, people. Do you understand, just, how easy that can tip, from group protest, which is our right as American, to becoming a violent mob, and possibly killing someone. But who cares, if they lean right, their lives are meaningless, right?

  • Stacy Smith 8 months ago

    Because Kennedy’s son is balls deep in the Russia scandal by being the Deutsche Bank guy that loaned trump that money. It would’ve forced Kennedy to recuse as a conflict of interest and he’s doing trump a favor by letting him install someone to protect him from trump Russia.

  • Matt Lopez 8 months ago

    c’mon Bill you know you want an AR-15! The number one piece of Americana and it’ll protect you from the government. Republican or Democrat.


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