Obama Roasts Herschel Walker on the Campaign Trail | The Daily Show in Atlanta

Published on October 31, 2022

The Daily Show’s week in Atlanta begins with the latest from the Herschel Walker-Raphael Warnock race, the Stacey Abrams-Brian Kemp battle for governor, and Barack Obama’s roast of Walker on the campaign trail. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah



  • Yoga For The Ageless 3 months ago

    that guy is hilarious , but still delivers a message. reminds me of George Carlin

  • Diane Green 3 months ago


  • Schon Tell 3 months ago

    Iw have a dream

  • TheUnitedRepublican 3 months ago

    Fun fact: Trumplicans who said Biden was too old to serve as president (in 2020), support Trump being president in 2024… even though he will be older than Biden was in 2020… their brains aren’t theirs anymore…

  • RSPainter 3 months ago

    I like Trevor but I didn’t find this all that funny.
    I wonder who’s going to replace. I would say Jordan but I think he’s probably best doing the field reports.

  • Little Flower 3 months ago

    Hershel Walker is the new Jeremy Dewitte with his fake badge and fantasy LE career. Something is straight up wrong with this prolific liar being a candidate for any type of leadership. It’s unbelievable people would actually vote for someone so blatantly unqualified. Republicans have no shame in exploiting him and making his family suffer just to have a man to vote as he is told. His time in congress will be spent saying “Yes Sir. Whatever you say masters” to white men who do not respect him and make laws that infringe upon him. This blows my mind. It is seriously disturbing.

  • T Rex 3 months ago

    I love the crystal-clear voice in there just YES. YES.

  • Koni Lee 3 months ago

    You are TOTALLY awesome! Welcome to the ATL! Thank you for gracing your presence to the City To Busy To Hate.

  • Sue Kelsey 3 months ago

    Awesome Again!
    Thank you!

  • Green Leaf 3 months ago

    Funny 😅😂
    Democrats don’t give two crud’s about black Americans.. As far as they’re concerned, blacks are just another vote to keep the creeps in power.
    Laugh it up America, pay that gas tax and inflation, and continue to vote for Democrats if you like it 😂😂😂

  • Shaun D 3 months ago

    Oh, Trevor, I’m going to miss you so much.

  • C T 3 months ago

    Vote Blue!!

  • MY Little BOOK 3 months ago

    Future look of the Daily Show?

  • Ave B 3 months ago

    He seems to be happier doing this type of thing. It kinda broke me heart when he announced leaving the daily show, but I get it now. Trevor not only killed this set, he destroyed it.

  • Irwin Menchaca 3 months ago

    If they vote democrat again they are beyond dumb

  • Kathy K 3 months ago

    That was a tiring interview with Herschel! I love you Trever! Your so funny! Lolol
    If Hershel wins. I’m going to pretend he lost! Just like he pretended, he didn’t graduate from collage! Or and just like he can’t really fly an airplain! Hahaha!

  • Tim Garrow 3 months ago

    10M Trevor for president

  • Coyote Creek 3 months ago

    Remember you laughed at Trump and what happened 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jace Woods 3 months ago



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