OAN: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on April 6, 2020

One America News, or OAN, is a far-right news network being embraced by President Trump at his coronavirus press briefings. John Oliver takes a look at who they are, how they report, and why they could be a big problem during the pandemic.



  • Tetyo 2 months ago

    You are giving too much time to this network… another mistake even though they are funny to watch, until they get a cult following…

  • whynot 2 months ago

    By reporting on OAN, you guys just made OAN more popular hahaha. Gonna subscribe to them now 🙂

  • Suva Fiji 2 months ago

    Fox news is such a BS they needed a younger sibling crap to couple with. That’s OANN … garbage journalism as garbage fast food for garbage audience

  • L Lopez 2 months ago

    Encinitas….good to know

  • Noel Hann 2 months ago

    Anything can be food if you eat it. That’s just a fact

  • Renxing Liu 2 months ago

    I feel like exercising some freedom by granting that guy his dream of dying freely.

  • LordChameleon 2 months ago

    OAN, the right’s version of MSNBC.

  • Bridgette Harding 2 months ago

    You are doing God’s work 💜

  • yadda yadda yadda 2 months ago

    When you realize you could fuck every single one of the people who comment on these videos *Shrug*

  • STYXLMAN 2 months ago

    You need to do Mark Lovin next… lol

  • TheLovelyRarity 2 months ago

    “unfettered capitalism helped America in the industrial revolution” 1) debatable and 2) it’s 20-fucking-20 maybe we should modernize

  • spiritosa0123 2 months ago

    My brain just shut down listening to the blonde’s gender rant.

  • Blak Majik 2 months ago

    Wow listening to that ramble made me not smart…
    Not John but cum dumpster barbie…wow she made Tammy lauren look smart

  • Nihal Singh 2 months ago

    13:48 WHCA actions booting them is just counterproductive. That reporter’s actions are intentional. Press Sec is in connivance. Try and ignore. Give them a seat. Don’t give them attention

  • Jerm-X Gaming Channel 2 months ago

    9:32 wow. That escalated incredibly quickly

  • KingQwertzlbrmpf 2 months ago

    Your pronounciation of “Backpfeifengesicht” is atrocious.

  • vaultsjan 2 months ago

    It’s Chinavirus. Originates from China. They punished the first raising alarms, shady stats, govt officials accusing other countries like US creating it. Fuck China, Praise Taiwan.

  • Smudolini the Great Dragobear 2 months ago

    That chick can barely read. I doubt she ever wrote a word herself.

  • Robert Enyart 2 months ago

    Trump found a new Ministry of Propaganda? Definitely. OAN is way crazier than FOX.

  • Bang Ong 2 months ago

    I saw an OAN video on facebook (auto queued from a Trevor Noah clip for some reason) and honestly it scares me that they are reaching a fanatical and extreme audience with their content. The comments were full of fawning praise from people distrustful of news from any source that could be considered mainstream. Definitely a recipe for disaster.


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