NY Attorney General Letitia James Sues Trump for Business Fraud

Published on September 22, 2022

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, September 21.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Olivia Blank 8 months ago

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  • victormendoza871 8 months ago

    Hey that world record is BS. my transmission once died on me about 2 miles from my house. After pulling over and opening the hood I could see that the. Vent tube on my trans had been blowing steam like crazy . I thought I was screwed and I would have to call a tow.. buy the car still had reverse… I drove backwards. In the correct flow of traffic home about 2 miles from where the car broke down in the correct lane with the flow of traffic..

  • Carl M 8 months ago

    Let us all bow our heads in prayer for Ms. James as as she works to topple the empire of the devil.

  • Isaac Rich 8 months ago

    Letitia James has packed on the weight!!

  • ꧁༺Galactus༻꧂ 8 months ago

    Smoke weed every day.

  • Mark Hartford 8 months ago

    I bet Seth Meyers has a closet full of used kneepads that smell like Biden’s carpet. This jackwad is as funny as syphilis. Problem is he can’t be cured with a simple medication. But it’s all good because there’s no way in hell that his tanking ratings will allow him to continue broadcasting for much longer. The shareholders of the network that airs this ‘show’ will see to that as money is all they are concerned with. It’s investors that will pull the plug on this ridiculous woke rhetoric. Bye bye Seth ‘passing fad’ Meyers. Don’t cry, little simpling. It’s just business; nothing personal. And hey…I hear that Harvard hires people that fail epically to teach identity politics so you’re all set!

  • Stikibits 8 months ago

    That was Cornpop’s saber-toothed tiger.

  • kennyn19 8 months ago

    Hopefully soon Tiffany will be saying to Barron, I think we’re alone now.

  • Sarah 8 months ago

    Come on Seth, in what world would Donald Trump use his real age? You know it would say 37 years at the most.

  • bob Washington 8 months ago

    Yet the fat pig hasn’t been in a court because his friends in the Supreme Court are corrupt. He pisses on the judicial system every day he is free. I spent 45 days in jail for nothingness yet fat misogynist mass murderer still holds rallies and preys on the poor and uneducated to spread racism and lies. Keep supporting your modern day Hitler. The American justice system is a joke. Yet some innocent people rot away incarcerated in American Gulags.


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