NRA: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on October 4, 2017

John Oliver discusses the way the NRA not only works to prevent gun control, they work to prevent an informed discussion about gun control.

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  • TinPinFTW 3 years ago

    This reminds me, I have to renew my membership. Thanks John 🙂

  • Davis Winn 3 years ago

    lets just make guns totally illegal…like drugs and prostitution…oh wait

  • Kukighost 3 years ago

    “79% favour laws preventing the mentally ill from buying guns” so in other words 79% of the USA favour laws preventing 100% of ‘muricans (I’d guess that’s around 80-90% of the population of the USA) from buying guns, seems kinda odd to me that almost everyone who is “mentally ill” in that country want to prevent themselves from being able to buy a gun.

  • rentonwa 3 years ago

    Those were close enough for standing count

  • Roger Thornhill 3 years ago

    NRA state sponsored terrorism – supported by your local politician .

  • Hector Rivera 3 years ago

    I honestly am all for guns. The American Revolution wouldn’t have happened without armed citizens. But at the same time, there definitely has to be extremely dense background checks and tests to determine which one of our neighbors is a psychopath. If even then one of them leaks through and kills 20 people with an AR-15, then we tried. Psychopaths will find any way to kill people; planes for 9/11, bombs for marathons, guns for people, knives, wire, poison, acid, etc.

  • John Smith 3 years ago

    Aren’t guns illegal in Chicago?And Chicago proves gun laws work because its one of the safest cities to live in and has almost a zero murder rate because gun laws work right?

  • Jammy Sizlo 3 years ago

    What people call rights are actually liberties and what people call liberties are actually rights. Rights come with regulations to ensure equal access and availability. Liberties come with regulations on the person enjoying them. You have a right to healthcare. You have the liberty to own a firearm.

  • Mongis Lort 3 years ago

    Americans need guns to compensate for their IQ. They are fucking retards, just get your ass out of their John.

  • J-Bird Oliver 3 years ago

    I’ll admit that I’m not in the majority view here. But I was raised for proper respect of guns and I have to say that the NRA ignores that entirely. I believe in the right of men to keep and bear arms, but I now (admittedly far too late) think that most gun owners need to think about how deadly these tools are. I have no doubt that 8/10 of the monsters who commit these acts would do it with a knife if they couldnt get a gun, we’ve seen cities rocked by pressure cookers for Christ’s sake. But responsible gun owners need to start a debate on the 2/10 attacks that we couldve done something about, and the NRA has no intent on addressing such a thing. Gun owners know our guns, we have to be the ones to do something about this, and if we don’t we have to be able to accept that we’re not responsible enough to own. Act like a man or get treated like a child.

  • MBey13 3 years ago

    Woah I can finally watch a John Oliver YT video without having to wait a month because I don’t live in America?

  • No Sherlock 3 years ago

    I do agree that there should be more stringent gun laws and should be more difficult to get automatic weapons, but I honestly do not feel like that is the main issue. I think it is mental illness. All reports of the Vegas shooter made him out to be a pretty decent guy previously. I think if you ever buy one of these weapons you should have to take a routine (or surprise) examination of mental health to see your ability of still maintaining one. These costs should be paid by each gun owner (think of it as part of maintaining a hunting license) into to government. I do think we should still have the right to own guns, but with great power comes great responsibility.

  • Daniel Roque 3 years ago

    “call your congressman” is such bullshit. how about avoiding corrupt politicians and political apathy and put these things on a country wide vote and make decisions like a democratic country, that you think you are.

  • Jones Crimson 3 years ago

    Funny how it didn’t mention the massive amounts of funding from NRA a long list of politicians receive. I believe Paul Ryan is endorsed by the NRA for over $170,000 in 2016.

  • Rxj the Unpopular 3 years ago

    What’s this? John Oliver uploads a video not 3 hours after midnight?

  • Shadrio 3 years ago

    “Protecting the 2nd Amendment” my hairy ass. Such a law was made back in the day when guns were extremely inefficient compared to what any Joe Blow can obtain. Before you had to load the powder, add the bullet and pray it wasn’t raining. Such an amendment was added in the case that future government would no longer “represent the American way and it would be necesary for the people to overthrow the governing powers”. How the flying blue fuck could those legislators have predicted the caliber of weaponry that would have been created over the years? How could a civil uprising today even dream of overtaking the most powerful army in the world?

    The second amendment, and how it’s so jealously guarded, is a thing of the past. *It needs to be adapted to the modern era* I will abdicate their eradication, but someone on the FBI’s watch list should not be even allowed to go near a gun store, let alone be allowed to purchase any form of weaponry.

  • THEGRAYFOXX00 3 years ago

    another leftist cumdump slewing bs, blame guns, ya right. an inanimate object is to blame every time

  • FreaK 3 years ago

    Alright i’m legit done. 37 seconds into the video and i had to pause just to sigh out loud. Not only has Oliver been taking baseless popshots at trump for some time (not all of which are bad, i just mean he rarely ever discusses both sides of the argument when it comes to Trump specifically), now he just took a horrendous act done by someone obviously out of his nuts and Trump pointing out mid speech (nice 3-6 second long clips, almost as if you are trying to ignore other things he said cause it would undermine your case), ignored the fact he mentioned illegal immigration, and basically, now that i have watched the full thing, he ended up saying “yeah but we know where THIS one came from, also did i mention we need to control gun ownership and that trump is racist? Why? Well hes Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist”. Like fucks sake, not only does this stuff usually happen in gun free zones, he hammers it like he wants guns to be taken away, nevermind the fact that gun violence is 1/100 compared to Abortions and is even the cause of less deaths than drugs or that Honduras, a country that bans guns, has one highest homicide rates we know of.
    Some try and say “oh but Japan, guns are illegal in Japan and basically no crime. No, handguns are illegal, hunting rifles and such are registered. Yet, for a country with just over 1/3rd of America’s population, Crime in japan is only 4 times lower than in the US. Thus implying if we reduce the US to 1/3rd of the population, while Japan is still under that value, they aren’t THAT far apart (relatively at least).

    Still, a bunch of people die due to someone with a mental illness (or at least really fucked in the head) and this guy takes the time to say “well this is why we should control guns”. Like, yeah we should check who is getting guns a bit better so no mentally ill person gets one, but we should also stop being so absolutely driven by our agendas to the point where body count and investigations are still under way and we start calling the guy who wants to send money to Detroit a “racist” and talk about controlling guns.

    Also, while i try to respect Olvier, i would like to just open disagree with that image at 0:46. You just called a “fairy” with the shirt “All Lives Matter” a “Racist Fairy”. Like, honestly, it’s a movement for all yet because it doesn’t say “Black” in it (even though no real sane minded individual cares about race and will just say “yeah all of us matter”), somehow it’s racist? If i say “Asian Lives Matter”, is that racist? If i say “White Lives Matter”, is that racist? If i say “Black and Asian and Latino and Hispanic Lives Matter”, (note how white isnt on the list) is that racist? If i add white to the list, is that racist?
    I don’t see All Lives Matter burning down black neighborhoods and hunting people based on their skin colour to beat them up.


  • Treblaine 3 years ago

    You don’t need any new legislation, all you need is the BATF to reverse it’s prior ruling that bump-fire stocks don’t count as machine guns under the NFA 1934 law.

    This would NOT be the first time the BATF has reversed such a ruling. They once ruled that fore-arm braces don’t count as shoulder stocks so you could avoid a certain tax. But then they changed their minds.

    When the BATF makes a ruling, it’s essentially a promise to prosecute or not prosecute. Only they can actually enforce federal firearms laws so effectively they write and re-write them all the time.

    And if we all found it in our hearts to understand why the ACLU defended those traitorous domestic terrorists the Ku Klux Klan for explicitly inciting racial violence, I can understand the NRA even existing.

    Yes, you heard me right, the ACLU defended the KKK not just for the general right to protest, but the right to tell it’s followers to kill. And it worked, it set the landmark that only inciting IMMINENT violence could be constitutionally prohibited. But the ACLU defended this because dammit they believe in the US constitution totally without exception.

    Except the 2nd amendment.

    They have made absolutely clear they will defend every aspect of the constitution, even for the most evil people. NRA does what the ACLU does for the 2nd amendment

    And before anyone says they aren’t comparable as one is just speech and the other is guns, massacres that have killed HUNDREDS of people in single incidents have happened so many times after white supremacists incited violence, incitement the ACLU fights for.

    I’m not anti-ACLU. But if you’re anti-NRA how can you not also be anti-ACLU? They both do the same thing.

  • Roman Vasquez 3 years ago

    Hey John Oliver I thought you were honest guy but I can see you are just another Uber liberal. Gun control is not the issue, the old guy that tragically murdered innocent people in Las Vegas did nothing wrong before that, so how gun control would have stopped him from doing it? Let us say he only had one rifle, he would have done the same thing.

    I use to liked the show but common…


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