Nothing Putin Says About Ukraine Is True | U.S. Women’s Soccer Players Win Fight For Equal Pay

Published on February 22, 2022

Ukrainians have been quick to push back on the Russian leader’s false claims of cultural ownership of their country, and the 4-time World Cup champion U.S. women’s soccer team won their six year fight to be paid the same as players on the men’s squad. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Cribbib alibba 1 year ago

    Salami tactics

  • Gerald Trudeau 1 year ago

    Well Steven, comma you are earning your war monger CIA money tonight.. Congratulations congratulations.

  • Artem 1 year ago

    Correction. Nothing Boris Johnson (UK prime minister) says about Russia is true.

  • dirk bomans 1 year ago


  • sir robert downey senior 1 year ago

    Sorry What were the sanctions on Israel again?

  • Mikolaj Witkowski 1 year ago

    Since you brought up the 11c churches, at that time indeed that land was called Ruś.

  • Lasse madsen 1 year ago

    You think 90 minutes is long? Really? American ‘foorball’t is like a month long, with 2 min. of playtime! You really wanna go there Stephen? And by the way, who cares what the players had for breakfast, or what their dad does??!? It’s a game, AMUSED FOOLS WITH MUSCLES! RUN INTO EACH OTHER GOD DAMMIT!!

  • kyle britt 1 year ago

    With no Russian money, Mar A LaQ will be repossessed.

  • incantation 1 year ago

    coming from the rest of the world, i don’t understand America’s imperial system usage….why would you make your life harder on purpose?

  • José Luis Almada 1 year ago

    It’s so funny when americans make fun of the metric system. If they just knew how simpler and objectively more efficient it is, they would leave their arrogance behind and embrace it.

  • Mark Youneva 1 year ago

    Putin: ♬ Give me Ukraine, give me Ukraine, break me off a piece of various Ukraine parts. ♫♫𝄞

  • Xl Yal 1 year ago

    Too scared to joke about srael aren’t you?

  • Steve Jordan 1 year ago

    Yeeow. My hat’s off to Philip Crowther.
    Someone who speaks two languages is “bilingual;” who speaks three languages is “trilingual,” who speaks many languages is a “polyglot.” Someone who speaks one language is an “American.”

  • J.L. Torres 1 year ago

    The issue with equal pay in sports is that players are paid more because they draw in more fans. There are many more male fans that watch male leagues. I think a real fix could be women supporting women more in sports. Or else they will just take the money from else where. Even though U.S women soccer have so many wins both women and men are not interested in watching their game, hence lower pay.

  • David Nieto Wenzell 1 year ago

    Thank you Stephen for behaving being so ignorant about métric system that everyones around the world use and your comments on languages that show your monolinguism.

  • David Ebert 1 year ago

    Typical liberals-laughing at other people’s misery. Well, once China takes us over, the liberals will be bred out of existence.

  • Crazy YouTuber Guy 1 year ago

    7:07 It’s METERS, not METRES. FYI.

  • Blue Patriot 1 year ago

    Kievan Rus (Ukrainians), roughly 900 AD. The Duchy of Muscovy (culture thieves, hence Ukraine’s change of name from Rus to Ukraine), about 1264 AD. Not even close.


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